chastity belt 

On day 4, Silvie called Deborah over to her house to tell her a mysterious plastic bag had arrived. It contained their first challenge! But Deborah didn’t know anything about Challenges, she was still trying to cope with ther chastity belt and was having a very hard time compared to Silvie.
Silvie, on the other hand, was really motivated and curious to see what what was in the bag. Silvie did not have any of the belt problems that Deborah had, which almost made this Chastity Deal a little unfair. Silvie’s difficulty wasn’t dealing with the chastity belt, it was convincing Deborah to continue. If either of them would quit, they wouldn’t receive any money at all!
It was interesting to see how Deborah would deal with the news about this first Challenge. The bag contained two broad metal collars and padlocks without keys. It also had a note, saying they would have to wear these collars for 24 hours, starting now. After 24 hours, I would show up with the collar keys. This also meant a night in collars, a very hard Challenge for these girls! Deborah was very reluctant, saying Challenges were not in the contract (but they were, she just didn’t read it). There was no way she would go outside wearing that big collar, so she decided to spend the nigh at Silvie’s (again).
Would they be able to get any sleep, with their necks locked in metal? Probably not. Don’t worry, it was only for 1 day…

Dutch dialogue. English subtitles are included in the member download!

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  1. Question, would those collars be something you’d sell, like chastity belts? I’d love a collar like that for myself!

  2. I like this deal a lot. Especially the “only if both make it will either of them get anything” part. So far, they have been treated equally, but what if there’s going to be a “only one of them has to take one for the team” situation. I’d love to see that. How would they decide? Would they dra straws?

  3. this is a nice direction. I’d love to see two girls agree to wear locking metal gags for 24 hrs

    • sorry for destroying your phantasie, but I don’t think that this is ever going to possible. Even with lots of training, a small plastic/rubber gag can only be worn for like 5 hours…

      • It’s just a question of training (and a locking gag :) I have worn gags for 12+ hours without too much discomfort.

        I like the collars, but had hoped for something more like the ring of steel collars or similar (so they would be able to leave the house) with a tag attached that states that the wearer is locked in a chastity belt. I remember seeing one guy on Fetlife that was locked in a collar with such a tag.

  4. Ingemar says:

    Meisjes! Jullie zijn darin lekker!

  5. ChastityLover says:

    The girls looked great in their locked collars and I hope they ventured out of the house. I’m sure the next challenge will be even more exciting! I hope to see them in a public challenge.

    You have done a super job with this deal.

    Silvie and Deborah have been wonderful & i hope they are open to more deals in the future.

  6. Hello would you ever be interested in having a sissy do this kind of stuff were they put it on for a full 30 days or for a full year at a time no worry about paying at all just put them in the stuff like a test subject with photos and all too . would be a great experience for sure .

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