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/]After a whole day of shooting in full chastity gear (for and this website), Yu finally got what she wanted: a place to sleep. This Taiwanese girl has been travelling all over Europe, looking for small jobs and places to stay, and my studio was probably the strangest of them all.
There is a bed in the studio, as you know, and models are welcome to stay over anytime (or even girls who just like to try a night in a belt). There is just one rule: you will be locked in a tight chastity belt for the entire night. And in Yu’s case: a chastity bra and collar too, because she was already in those and I didn’t feel like taking them off.
Where I thought Yu to be naturally submissive earlier, she turned out to be less and less shy during the shooting day. She had been complaining about the belt already, and when it was time to go to bed, she was actually expecting me to give her the keys. True, she did everything I told her to (and we did great stuff for MetalBondage), but rules are rules. Sleeping over at my studio is sleeping in a belt.
This news did not go over too well with our new Asian friend… she was actually getting very angry (mainly because I was still shooting her going to bed), and started to tug at her belt and bra. She did not want to go to sleep like this! A little belt fighting and swearing later, she even threatened to leave, but she realised she was still locked in full chastity with me holding the keys. Finally, she settled down… well, still cursing at me… she angrily pulled the covers over her and sulked. I don’t know if she got any sleep, but I am happy I belted this new girl for almost 24 hours! On to the next Casting!!

UPDATE: the shoot is now online here!

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  1. Over night is one thing but she had already spent the day shooting. She’s just disappointed in her time extension in the outfit because it tight which makes it harder to breathe while you sleep, but also because she still isn’t getting [the night] off (that easy).

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  3. working fine, windows XP, Opera web browser, South Africa

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  5. A Chinese mainland guy says:

    台湾妹子也穿CB…So beautiful.It’s a wonderful video.

  6. Wow! Yu is absolutely wonderful and a gorgeous looking Asian model. Any chance of bringing her back for a full shoot? Maybe intensify her next experience with some plugs locked inside her body with the full chastity belt gear including the cuffs, collar, chains, chastity bra and the connecting chains as well as a lead chain. Yu looks fabulous and awesomely pretty with the submissiveness imposed by the chastity belt. A perfect ten shoot. Please bring Yu back for some more shoots. Thanks.

  7. Works good on a Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile phone.

  8. Jephro says:

    The video preview works great! How about brining Yu back for some more shoots including locking some dildoes and / or plugs inside this gorgeous and beautiful models

  9. Edward Tse says:

    Yu is the warrior of chastity protection. Be brave, Yu!

  10. NICE! Yu is such a delight to see. Wonderfully submissive and a gorgeous fetish / bdsm model and locked in a chastity belt makes for a true Asian / Oriental model. Really would love to see Yu return for more and varied scenarios in chastity complete with collar, cuffs, chains and even more for the future. Yu shows a wonderfully submissive nature yet defiant and spirited in the freedom to choose and to submit her status even for a temporary time locked in the chastity belt and bra. Please and oh please webmaster bring Yu back for some more shoots.

  11. Dear Webmaster, It has been several years since this video of the gorgeous and lovely Chinese model Yu. Can you bring her back please? Would really love to see this beautiful and spirited young lady in chastity yet again and maybe lock some dildos inside her body to calm her down and give her some pleasure as well. Thanks!

  12. Dear Webmaster,
    Been quite some time since this update with this GORGEOUS Asian Chinese/Waiwainese model YU. Absolutely fantastic to see such a gorgeous ahd lovely female model willing and able to submit to a Chastity Belt in a fetish/bdsm shoots. Is there any way, manner, shape or form to bring her back to Chastity Babes?

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