chastity belt 

Time for the new Challenge!! After the Collar Challenge, Silvie and Deborah were not really looking forward to this moment. Quite understandable.
Looking at the plastic shopping bag with mixed fear and curiosity, Silvie told Deborah (again) that the Challenges were part of the Deal. No Challenges, no money. As if wearing a chastity belt for 10 days (without any experience or fetish for such devices!) wasn’t hard enough already…
This time, the bag held another surprise for them: a pair of sturdy wrist cuffs attached by a length of chain. And two open padlocks, without keys. The note said they were to cuff themselves together, and I would come by with the keys in the morning. Without fully realising what this meant, Silvie and Deborah started to lock their wrists in the cuffs.
They did think about which wrists to cuff, although they were both right handed, so one of them had to sacrifice herself, because cuffing their left wrists together would have been awkward. Deborah quickly understood she had to stay over for the night (again).
But they couldn’t possibly foresee the problems they were about to face! Getting something from the kitchen? Both had to get up (and feel their chastity belts). Going to the toilet? Both had to come. Going to bed? Together. And they can’t even take their tops off.
Fortunately, they didn’t realise any of this yet, except when Silvie had to go to the toilet within 10 minutes of cuffing themselves…

Dutch dialogue. English subtitles are included in the member download!

5 comment(s) to “Silvie & Deborah – cuffed Challenge”

  1. My favourite dream came true, will we see more of this in the next update?

  2. #1 They have their combined arm lengths and the length of chain to hang a t-shirt and a button up as they sleep.

    #2 Sync up their activities so they don’t have to get up twice. They already have a coffee table.

  3. I love Silvie & Deborah!! Want to meet them!

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