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Carie has a long way to go in becoming a Chastity Babe. She is determined to become your favorite babe on this website, so she will do what is necessary to win your hearts. This sweet girl is really willing to train her ability to wear a chastity belt for longer periods of time, so she needs to start wearing her belt in real life, outside of our studio.

We will start with an overnight belting. ‘Overnight’ will be a separate category on the website, since many of you requested it. In this update you will see Carie putting on her own belt (the one we sized for her) before going to bed. It will be a restless night, because sleeping in a chastity belt for the first time is not as easy as it sounds! Carie is tossing and turning, constantly reminded of her steel enclosure.

In the morning, Carie dresses for work (she works in an office in real life, modelling is only her hobby). She tries to hide her belt, of course. A wide silk top will help to conceal her waist band, but the metal ass strap is clearly visible through her black leggings.

Next time we will see how Carie did during her day job!!


9 comment(s) to “Carie’s first night”

  1. Quite the introduction to a night in chastity. Did Carrie feel better the second time around in the belt? She looks like a lady that is trying hard to please her fans.

  2. chastizer says:

    Definitely in the right direction, also Carrie looks so cute when she’s sleeping. One thing I’ve always wondered – do navel piercings ever cause any problems when worn with chastity belts? Does Carrie’s piercing clank against the front plate when she walks around? Loved the mirror shots!

    • Webmaster says:

      Hmm, we told her to remove her piercing, but she said it would be okay. She said so during the casting and during this shoot, so I guess it has not bothered her.

  3. But now the feeling after the first use? Use every day?
    I wanted to see video of any subject in a free and more like watching the video, but you can video or free with some free time, not much. It goes by? Please

  4. Just a thing…

    In my opinion, a girl never must close herself the chastity belt. I think we do not like only the belt, we like the feeling of protection an domination that are lost when the girl close her chastity belt. The photo session must play with the fans, not only show images, play with desires and fantasies… And if a girl choose close the belt, for sure she can choose open the belt.

    But It is only my opinion.

  5. This is still one of my favorites. Watching a girl lock herself up and then carry on with daily activities. Stunning.

  6. LOVED the double angel aspect of the mirror shots!!!


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