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One of the most requested things is reports on how the girls are doing in their belts. Going to the toilet, discomforts, thoughts, excitement, sleeping, eating, and more. The Silvie and Deborah project actually provides a lot of the information we are all very interested in! Why? Because it is our first 2-girl Deal, and they’re talking a lot in a camera-rigged house! While a lot of their conversation is not that interesting (about parties, hobbies, and silly things), sometimes they are discussing what we all want to know! Especially in the first days of the Deal, when they are still getting used to the belts.
Silvie and Deborah are having a small bite to eat, and immediately they are talking about the belt’s tightness, how they shouldn’t eat too much, and what they will do when they finally decide to go number 2 (or ‘poop’, as Deborah puts it). With all the little snacks they are eating, they will not be able to stick to their original plan (not going number 2 for ten days), which wasn’t possible anyway.
They also discover that a chastity belt is a good way to keep a diet, it is simply very uncomfortable to eat a lot of food. These girls can’t wait until their belts will be taken off, but they have a long way to go (and there are some though Challenges ahead of them). They are still very chatty and giggly, so they’ll be okay… for now…

Dutch dialogue. English subtitles are included in the member download!

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  1. They don’t even want to use the toilet in their belts? I guess plugs are out of the question.

  2. Stephen Miletus says:

    Chastity belts & giggly — not a bad combination.

  3. just had an idea for a very sadistic (yet maybe unrealistic)deal.
    … two girls, two belts.
    … they cannot see each other. (best way: two different cities)
    … they can decide everyday if they want to continue the chalenge or have the key.
    … none of the two is told whether the other has already backed out or is still wearing her belt.
    … only the one who wears the belt for a longer time gets the money.
    … the other one gets absolutely nothing.

    • Prisoner’s dillema: chastity belt edition? Mmmm, I like this idea. Would be hard to implement in reality though, I’m afraid.

  4. A short line only on this episode, Deborah, I like your jacket!

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