chastity belt 

Some Czech dialogueRaven-haired Nicole is going to bed early, her boyfriend isn’t home yet, so she can have the whole bed for herself. She checks her phone for a few more minutes before falling asleep…
But when she wakes up, her boyfriend has already left again! He has gone to the office, and Nicole will have to hurry to make it to her own job in time! But wait… she feels something pressing into her hips… What the hell is this? What’s this metal thing on her waist and between her legs? He did not…!!
Nicole’s boyfriend has locked her into a tight rigid style chastity belt! And he took the keys! Frantically, Nicole tries to get the belt off her body. It is no use, the belt has a high security cylinder lock on the waist band. There is no way this thing is coming off without the keys! Nicole can’t believe this, she is furious!! She calls her boyfriend, and uses about 10 different Czech profanities, but he simply tells her he can not leave his job at the moment. She will have to wait until tonight. But Nicole works at a reception desk at a big company and she has to leave right now or she won’t make it!
Will Nicole go to work in the belt? Or will she call in sick? Or will she drive to her boyfriend’s office and make a big scene? Find out in the next Nicole episode!!


8 comment(s) to “Nicole – waking up in chastity”

  1. Pluglover says:

    It’s a great idea :)
    I cannot wait to see how this story will continue.

  2. Awesome :) Looking forward to the Nicole update!

  3. She’s not going to get off that easily… I forsee more coming her way.

    And I’m still keen on seeing her in long fetish latex gloves with wrist restraints, which she will have to leave on as long as the belt is on.

  4. slavelabor says:

    Hey is this the same culprit who drugged and belted Yasmine?

  5. PLEASE get Ashley Sinclair. She’d be perfect p

  6. ChastityLover says:

    This episode with Nicole is great! I look forward to more episodes with her trying to get unbelted, but having to wait several days or longer while her boyfriend is away on a sudden trip out of town.

  7. hello, the boyfriend of Nicole is still alive?

  8. Such an awesome struggle scene. She did a great job. Pease please do more of the girl waking up with all the gear on. And have her desperate to remove the bra and belt. So awesome !

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