chastity belt 

Our dynamic duo woke up pretty cheerful on day 2, despite having troubles falling asleep. In this update, you will see them doing their makeup and chatting happily away, before getting dressed to deal with their second day of chastity.
One thing you will notice, is that Silvie and Deborah are not talking about the belts anymore. Or at least, not the entire time. Their conversation is mainly about makeup, mascara, and some kind of festival that they were looking forward to. Really, any girl can get used to wearing a belt!
Deborah spent the night at Silvie’s place, so she didn’t have anything to wear, but the girls are the same size, so Silvie offered her a pair of shorts and a top. Silvie would wear a dress, because she expected that would hide the belt better. But, much to their surprise, the shorts and shirt actually hide the belt much better!
It was great to see these girls move around so easily on the second day! Although Deborah was still very uncomfortable, and her thoughts were still about getting the belt off, or even trying to break the lock. Soon, Deborah would have to go to her own home in her belt! But there was no doubt they would be visiting each other constantly during their Chastity Deal, they needed each other to hang in there till the end!

Dutch dialogue. English subtitles are included in the member download!

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  1. Please make a sign! ;)
    “…any girl can get used to wearing a belt!”

  2. erotica_connoisseur says:

    Such times as this remind me of the simpler times the time before everything was as much as it is ohhh those times. angarde

  3. nice update! But what about the promised chalenges? What will they have to do to get the money?

  4. Is anyone else up for making them wear long full latex gloves while in the belts? Maybe even wrist restraints over the gloves? I REALLY want to see that… yeah I know I’m insane.

  5. By the way will next “jubilee video” be of these girls or some other girl, we are approaching 250 videos now.

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