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The best updates are maybe the ones where a girl is belted for the very first time in her life. Cindy emailed us right at the start of this website, she has done some modelling and she was interested in our concept.

We put Cindy in our non-adjustable rigid belt, because she is a perfect fit for it. You may think it is too small for her, but we think ‘if we can get it to close, it is not too small’. Read more about why this belt has to be so tight here.

In the pictures and video, you can see Cindy is clearly enjoying the belt very much. She told us she loved the feeling of being locked, the belt pressing in on her waist and between her legs. The member pictures show a lot of Cindy, maybe even more than she bargained for, as the belt’s openings are very revealing! We will leave those sights to members’ eyes only, since we have to keep this site clean for potential models who might be interested.


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  1. chastizer says:

    I’m surprised no ones commented on Cindy yet. She’s really got a great smile and looked lovely. I don’t usually like the white-edged belt, but the combination of her skintone and the white top really made it look very nice peeking up from her jeans.

    I really appreciated how certain parts of the video of Cindy focused on the belt and her hips from different angles and positions. I’ve had a hard time figuring out where ergonomic hip bands actually sit on women’s hips realistically. A very helpful reference for my photo-manipulations.

    From your metalbondage site, I would say the best CB-related vids to date are Vanessa’s where she’s trying to get out of it, and of course the Tracy and Ashley vids, those girls are awesome together. Also the new girl Mei-Li is super adorable. She definitely needs a chastity belt.

  2. I’m surprised too. I have to say she looks hot in that belt and I’m looking forward to seeing more of her.

  3. mostwanted804 says:

    i do to hope she has lots of shots

  4. sexy Girl, More!!!

  5. ChastityLover says:

    I would love to see Cindy back for another shoot. Is she still available and interested?

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