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In other news: these two 24-year old local girls emailed us after seeing one of our model calls / Chastity Deal ads. Silvie (left) and Deborah (right) are two very close friends from Holland who are extremely nervous about doing a Chastity Deal, but they ‘really really’ want the cash. Silvie seems a little bit more into it, she will still have to convince Deborah. They are requesting a 4 or 5 day Deal, but we think it is too short. They only want to belted together, not separately. And they have indicated they are are willing to try some bonus member challenges, like being cuffed together for a day, wearing a chastity bra, or being collared.
Dear members, what do you think? Offer these two a Chastity Deal?

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  1. Do the deal!

  2. fight-the-belt says:

    Heh. I’ll watch it. And I think pushing the time limit sounds good–they can possibly offer moral support to each other at the difficult times if they’re both belted together.

  3. china-belt-lover says:

    want to see result

  4. YasmineLover says:

    Offer a 10 day deal. Member challenges sound great, and there is room for negotiation. I would love them belted together rather than separately! I think it will be a very hot and exciting shoot.

  5. That might be the chance for my dream of having girls at a bar counter, if they went out one of the evenings together.
    At least a full week= 7 days please.

  6. Keep the 5 day deal and add a set of punishment which they will definately violate at some point and get a day extra per rule they violate. However, offer an upper bound on total days like 10 days or maybe keep it to a total of 8 days.

    These girls have never been belted and have no idea what they sign up for.

    Rules could be:
    – complaining about the belt being to tight
    – begging to be released
    – getting horny
    – trying to masturbate
    – trying to remove the belt

    each rule violated should give a punishment of 1 day to the opposite girl. That means, that the girls can “fight” each other and extend the chastity deal knowing that a payback might happen.

    • fight-the-belt says:

      Oh, that’s deviously delicious! That gets my vote!

    • In my opinion, trying to remove the belt should not be punished but be honored – by that, the belt can prove its functionality.

      What about trying the different designs during the period? that way, they can test different features and how they work.

      I would not mind seeing some color again, not just the metal with black.

  7. That’s too short, even for first timers. I say give them a three week deal, where they can trade some time in chastity for other things, like locked in a collar for one week = 2 days less in chastity. Showing the chastity belt in public… you get the idea.

    Of course we know that three weeks is too much, so they will need to do some of the challenges.

    Besides that, I really think you should give them a deal.

  8. Please do the hancuffing together thing for 48 hours in some chastity. A 2 week deal with bra and collar (for some of the deal) and offer leg cuffs to one of them so we can see a comparison. I have been a member on and off for years I this is the most excited I have ever been for a deal.

  9. How about bonus plug challenge? Double cash if able to wear analplugs two hours per day..

  10. I would suggest that the two be handcuffed for an extended period of time. One girl with hands cuffed in front, the other with hands chained behind her, so she can move her arms but not bring her hands to the front. The one is then totally reliant on the other for food and drink, even scratching her nose. Takes inseparability to a new level.

  11. I am also interested in seeing that happen could evolve into something similar as with Dominique and Francis and many other possibilites

  12. Sounds like a deal but they have to wear a collar the whole time and should involve ball gags as well

  13. Rather than a fixed time, offer a bonus to the girl who stays in the belt longest.

  14. I’d be interested in seeing these two in a deal together. After all the only thing better than one sexy belted girl is TWO sexy belted girls!

    Also agree with others that 4 or 5 days is too short. Should be at least one full week but preferably longer.

  15. Do the deal – 1 week as a minimum and both should be collared all the time

    looking forward to see you close the deal soon


  16. Of course close the deal..! Although it’s just for 10 days, it will be really interesting to see how these two chastity newbie cuties will react :) And I’d suggest cuffing them together for a day OR cuffing their hands apart on the bed headboard overnight :D

  17. Spanking in Chastity says:

    How about having a spanking session (Not too harsh) when they violate rules.

  18. Sign them up! I have a feeling they will find it a rush and that feeling will come across in the photos! I don’t think just any girl will do this just for cash. There has to be a bit of kink in the heart of girls that are attracted to these deals.

  19. Beautiful, hot and mature, offer them a deal, no worries no questions asked

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