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200 updates!! We have actually done it! Time to celebrate and look back on all the girls we have belted, all the stories and challenges we have done, it has been a crazy 2 years! We would like to thank our faithful members for their support and feedback! We could not do it without you! And we would like to thank our Babes, some of them have been through really tough times, but you always pulled through for us! We hope to be able to continue for a long time, and the plans we have are always bigger and crazier!

To celebrate, we would like to present you with a very special interview! When Jenni C and Melissa were staying with us for 4 days, we had them in chastity belts all the time, as part of a deal that we might show later. They had a full schedule with us, shooting for as well (in their belts of course), but they know the payment is good, and they are pretty used to wearing the belts. We love seeing them walk around the house, two of the hottest Czech girls locked in metal, they are just so cheerful and funny!

We asked Jenni to interview Melissa, talking about their days in the chastity belts, and how this is probably one of their stranger modelling jobs. We asked them to speak English so everyone can understand, and you will love the results! The long interview goes on about money (payment for being belted), daily discomforts, showering in the belt, going to the toilet, being in public, and a lot of other topics that give a good insight in how these girls are coping with this bizarre modelling assignment.

The girls had such a good time that they could hardly keep a serious face during the interview, resulting in some hilarious outtakes (also included in the member download). You will most certainly crack a smile too, when you are watching these topless girls talk about their belts like it is the most common thing in the world!! This is a MUST SEE!!

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  1. chastityman says:

    For punishment 1 month non-stop in chastity belt.

    Chastityman (Member)

    • I agree for 3o day non stop in chastity belt for both girs but better is if the belt is equipped with the steinless steel vaginal plug like the one that wears Sita

  2. Congratulations on set number 200.

  3. Hi Girls!

    I loved the film very much, please go on talking when in belts and shooting a film! It´s one of the absolutely best films ever on the topic of girls in belts. Those seconds trying to turn the lock down was simply hillarious! I could think of that lock being turned in the “up” position “stands” for your feeling in your clitorises inside the belts getting more and more horney over time.



  4. damm, and my 3 month membership just expired, time to go and earn some more money to be able to re-subsribe

    • I just lost all the vids I’ve downloaded during my last membership because my harddrive got demaged beyond repair (and yes, I know one or two things about harddrives… this one’s really gone)…. so I might get another membership soon. Looking forward to downloading this vid.

  5. Haven’t seen this one yet. Still I think that dialog/interview scenes are the best thing that can happen to this site. You could also use interviews as voice-overs while showing the footage of a chalenge.

    What I’d love to see would be an interview with a girl who’s been wearing an ergonomic chastitybelt for over 3-6 month. A girl who doesn’t talk about how tight the belt is or how hard it is to walk aound/sit down etc. I’d love to see a girl who’s not worrying about any discomfort that comes along with wearing the belt or any concerns about if it’s visible or not. The girl I’d love to see wears her belt like a second skin – and is only frustrated about not being able to have sex. I want her to see beg for the key so that she can have sex – not so that she can get out of that super tight bondage item ;-)

    • You’re describing every girl who’s correctly fitted with one and has gotten use to her belt. not only models on one but includes it in her lifestyle with keyholder. sound familiar?

    • Mac: Did you get a look at Dominique’s series? There were moments when she would ask to be let out. Even tried to break out. Is that the sort of activity you are looking for more of, where they want to go back on their contracts.

  6. Very good video! Pretty and cute girls and funny! I only missed two pairs of tigh bands…

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