Fully adjustable rigid chastity belt

Fully adjustable rigid chastity belt

Brand: customized by ChastityBabes.com
Waist: fully adjustable for all waist sizes
Crotch: adjustable for both holes
Pussy hole: with optional locking secondary shield
Anal hole: open
Locking system: protected padlock
Suitable for 24/7 wear: yes
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This is our most versatile chastity belt. The little holes are not for decoration, they can be used to resize this belt to any size. This belt allows us to belt even the smallest waists! Both the front and back part of the crotch strap are adjustable, meaning we can place the pussy and anal hole exactly in the right position. This will allow 24/7 wearing, because the holes allow for bodily functions without taking the belt off.

This belt has a detachable front shield, which is locked on by a separate padlock. This will give us the opportunity to provide the girl with the key for the front shield (to allow cleaning), but not the key to the main lock on the belt!

The waist band of this belt is straight, not dropped (ergonomical). The belt must be worn in the smallest part of the waist, so it can be worn very tight. The high waist belt is very visible, since it will be high above the waist line of any jeans or skirt the girl can wear.

Sitting down is awkward in this belt, a constant reminder of the rigidness of the girl’s metal predicament. Horse riding, cycling, and other hobbies can only be resumed after extensive training in this belt, allowing weeks or even months to get used to this belt.

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  1. MasterEagle says:

    And if you want one of those for you pet?

  2. Chastityman says:

    or buy the chastity belt?

  3. Hello, I m Sauffie from Malaysia. Currently I m army officer that always station overseas. I will deployemnt in Afghan for couple of month. I interested about locking my wife vagina for 24/7/365, I afraid he will do “something” when i station overseas. I have couple of question:

    1. I want to lock her 24/7/365, what happen when she period? Can she put Sanitary napkin by using front shield by her self without opening main padlock?

    2. What happen if her body grow in a year when I m overseas?

    3. Can u send this item to Malaysia if I interested?

    4. It easy to clean her pussy and holes after “bodily functions”?

    thank you.

  4. Those is most flexible in use belt. But I mention u do not have here all the belts models you use for chastitybabes.

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