chastity belt 

Our pretty little blonde Chastity Deal girl Misha did not want to shower for the first two days in the belt. She was not very comfortable, and afraid she couldn’t dry very well after showering, making her ordeal even worse.
But after sunbathing and sweating for a whole afternoon, she just had to take a shower. There was no other option. It was on this day that she discovered that showering is actually a very good thing when you are in a Chastity Deal.

Her boyfriend Paul is helping her in any way he can, he really wants his girlfriend to make it all the way to the end! The money is quite substantial, and we have a feeling that he is, in a way, teaching her to not give up on things in life so easily. Misha seems to be dealing with her belt fine, she probably doesn’t need Paul’s help in the shower, but it is nice that he is trying to be ‘in the deal’ as much as she is.

Jokingly, Paul says he hopes the belt is not going to rust, or Misha will have to stay in the belt forever. She doesn’t seem to worry about it. Drying is easy too. The belt is so tight that almost no water got under the front shield. It is a bit of a problem, but we will show them what the mysterious secondary shield padlock is for in a few days, so hygiene issues will not stop Misha from making it to the end.

This is a real Chastity Deal, with consenting participants, there is no acting. Never belt a girl against her will! Remember these updates are not shot in a studio so picture quality may vary.

English subtitles are included in the member download!

10 comment(s) to “Misha is finally showering”

  1. David Sellmon says:

    I think you give the girls (not Misha though, she has already enough to cope with after the unexpected belting) too much of an easy time with showering when you allow lots of cleaning breaks. I would love to see a girl more desperate to get all the filth out of her belt, experimenting with different techniques in the shower and such. To do so, I just thought during a long term deal you could give cleaning breaks whenever desired, but adjust the belt tighter on the waist with each break. This way, we would also hopefully see a nicely squeezed waist at the end of the deal, something which would be too much for the model I guess, when the belt is applied this way from the beginning on.

  2. Either the water is cold or Misha is getting into her shower! How many days is this? I think it takes me a lot less time to get it but I like this topic. I also like to get under the faucet with no shield. Then I give up in what must be the most adorbale display. USA F 23

  3. Just a question…. Paul has the key, right? Now is that key in a sealed envelope? Or is there another way, you can make sure that the key is unused after 10 days?

  4. Alenonimo says:

    And, again, the guy had to screw up the shooting because of his immense ego. The deal is for her but he just can’t stay out of the fucking camera! >:(

    Next time, please find a lesbian couple.

    • I’d have to partially agree with Alenonimo in that she needs a little room. He doesn’t have to be in every frame but I can tune him out and he’s not that bad looking any way. Personally I don’t swing for the home team but call me old fashion about couples in porno films

  5. Have they swollen since the belting?

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