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We are very proud of this incredible update! For years and years, there only were a few fuzzy pictures of the elusive Latowksi female chastity belt and chastity bra to be found on the world wide web. Latowski only ever made a few prototypes of their female design, and focussed on the demand for male chastity belts instead.

We have managed to get our hands on one of those rare prototypes, and amazingly enough it seemed to be the right size for quite a few of our babes! Natalia Forrest, who has recovered from her record-breaking 5 days in full chastity, was easily convinced to try on this metal swimsuit. An easy modelling job for her this time! And wow, does she look incredible in the form fitting Latowksi outfit!

Natalia locks herself into the gear, and we take the keys away from her. After seeing how well it fits her, we like her to stay locked in this for a while! Actually, we almost made it a Chastity Deal again, but we couldn’t do that to her for the second time. Natalia puts her beautiful red dress on again, and the outfit disappears completely, except for the elegant bra chains. Who would have known that it is possible to wear this amazing piece of craftsmanship under clothes and out into the streets. We definitely have to try that with one of our babes!

We hope to lock quite a few girls into this outfit over the next months, it is simply stunning to look at!


20 comment(s) to “Latowski female chastity belt and bra”

  1. chastizer says:

    Wow. I can’t believe you found one. It’s like the holy grail of chastity belts.

  2. chastityman says:

    Simply fantastic !!!!

  3. keyholder says:

    HOLY SHIT! I cannot believe you got a Latowski belt! The Rolls Royce of chastity belts! You have got to make fantasy updates involving this belt! There too much potential to not make fantasy updates with this treasure!

  4. keyholder says:

    Lets see, I would love to see a shoot like cb023 involving jail with this belt, or maybe one where a girl is modeling in a school girl outfit or maid outfit, or maybe a fantasy shoot where the girl thinks its just underwear, or maybe a gold ole fashion forced belting. The possibilities are endless… ENDLESS. This is a huge day for anyone into female chastity. There must of been only 4 pics of this thing on the web.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Now you just need to get your hands on a Reinholds…

  6. roadie12 says:

    yes, it’s a quality piece of chastity gear it would b e an interesting to see how many of the chastitybabes could wear it, as well as being a very “unbreakable” contract

  7. keyholder says:

    I’d love to see a Reinholds too. This is also something id love to see on this site is the use of different brand of belts. I’d love to see Neosteel, and Carrara, which have amazing female chastity belts. If it is even possible, I’d love to see an Access Denied belt. Its just hard because especially with Carrara, the belt needs to be designed for the wearer herself to fit properly. Maybe for long-term models, or chastity deals, they can make specialty belts.

    But man, it just boggles my mind that we finally get to see, in all its glory, the legendary Latowski female belt. I just hope this special metal panty fits other models as perfectly as Natalia. If you make fantasy shoots out of this or forced beltings I will throw my wallet at this site.

  8. slavelabor says:

    Is this a permanent addition to your available belts and bra?

  9. Wow, Latowski is the gold standard for chastity belts! I want the maker of Latowski belts to build female belts for chastity babes. Please…

  10. Looks fantastic!

  11. That looks fantastic on her. Would like to see her in that a lot longer then a photo shoot. Get her in a new deal now!!!!

  12. You definitely have to have latowski make custom belts for a few of your models and then have your model sign deals…. this is going to be great!
    (btw. I lost all my chastitybabes videos due to a hard disc crash, so I’ll soon rejoin to download the stuff again)

  13. Does anyone know if Latowski actually makes and sells any female belts or if he only makes the male version? The home page has very little information about the female belt.

    • Keyholder says:

      I believe Latowski only exclusively makes male belts. He only made a few female prototypes like the one on Natalia to show in fetish shows/trade mags/etc. There are only a few grainy pics of the female belt on the web. I still can’t believe how you got a hold of one of them. The belts this site has are nice, but THIS is every female chastity belt lover’s dream belt. Its like a whole new site now that you have this on the belt roster.

  14. Hi, This update was a big reason for my registering. Very Very Nice. I’m glad that you got the female Lat. belt and show it in public. Even on a beautiful woman.
    I have Latowski too and i know what about it is. :-) I look forward for new update with Latowski.

  15. MacMatzinger says:

    I couldnt believ what Latowski said, the reason, why he didnt build the belt.
    the hole for the pee….he didnt find there a acceptle resume.
    the other thing….didnt understand, why other beltbuilder (specially china) make a copy (ok, the have no kontakt to the body. so difficult to catch the sizes).

  16. a sexy hot panties, more of it!!!

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