chastity belt 

Anc1lla came to the studio today, just as we agreed. She did very well! No complaining, and she didn’t ask to be released at all. Okay, she tried to vibe her belt, and she even used some anal toys, but that is quite normal when girls are locked up for a longer than a day. The main thing is that she made it, and she was going to be released today as we agreed in our contract.
But first, I felt I had to punish her for being naughty. Some harsh clover clamps with a weight attached to them on her sensitive nipples! Just a little fun before I let her out. Anc1lla is so interested in chastity, maybe I should ask her to do a longer Deal. I know she will get really frustrated, especially if we make it a plugged Deal, but it’s fun to see her squirm and try to find ways to orgasm. I just have to make sure to have some punishments ready for this naughty girl!

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  1. matthew meuleman says:

    Anc1lla would make a realy good full time chastity slave

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