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Yasmine read your comments about her being a good candidate for a Chastity Deal, so she curiously contacted us how much money there is to be made with that. We are definitely going to lock her up for a longer period this summer! She is gorgeous and fun, so what more could you ask for?

But instead of shooting it all and showing it to you later, we decided to let you have chance to comment on Yasmine’s faith, and what her Chastity Deal should be like. We have already decided on the gear, however.

Recently, we had two identical chastity belts built. The are completely designed for use on this website, you will not find a similar belt anywhere else. These custom made ‘ChastityBabes’ belts are rigid style, ergonomical, slightly adjustable in waist and crotch, and highly suitable for 24/7 wear. They are also very high security, all of the metal is hardened and the padlock shackles are fully protected by custom locking posts. Lose the key and it’s off to the fire department, and even they will have a hard time getting it off!! You can read more about the new belt here.

We invited Yasmine over to get acquainted with the metal that will soon be locked onto her for a longer period of time. We also asked her to bring a dress to test the thigh band visibility. Yes, Yasmine’s thighs will be locked together for the whole Chastity Deal! But you decide the rest of her challenge! How long? Will she have to go outdoors? What other gear would you like to see? Any reward or punishment rules? Challenges? We are curious and Yasmine is nervous (she will be reading your comments!). Please mention if you are a member when commenting, we give priority to member suggestions!


54 comment(s) to “Yasmine testing the new ergonomic chastity belt”

  1. member.
    She should be beltet for at least a month.
    In other contract you chose to keep other girls belted for a too short period, a longer one will be more frustrating and will show new kind of behavior.
    It should be a montly contract with some more addiction: if she try to break the locking sistem or the belt, it will be added the metal bra for the remaining time; if she refuses to do an agreed part of the contract, she will be belted for a punitive week more; if she wants a freeing pause from the contract, she will be in chain during the time without the belt, and, at the end of the break, another week will be added.

  2. Give her a to-do list with things (e.g. – flash the belt in public, – talk about your feelings, – clean up the house etc.) she has to do in order to get out….

    only one question…the belt looks nice… but’t there be like… well… a back door?

  3. Hello I’m a member here but first before I say anything I would like to commend on Yasmine for wanting to try this out and especially trying it out with the members suggestion.

    I would not want her to wear a full chastity gear, such as chastity bra. Just the belt and thigh bands are enough. She looks great already. I think by leaving her breasts available, it is just some enough sexuality to keep her frustrated than taking everything away.

    Like max says, I like the idea of talk about feelings. Perhaps like a blog every few days. It seems like there’s no connection with the girls here. Wear the belts and then leave. How are you feeling? What was the experiences? Did you feel sexually frustrated or no frustration, just wanted to get it off?

    Why not a 31 day deal. 5 times, (every 6 days), get a vaginal plug locked in for x hours. But while it’s locked in, need to do something physical that would make it move around. A remote controlled one would be a bonus, not sure if that is available for that belt. Maybe a clitoral vibrator like a butterfly? Something to simulate her.

    I think that whenever you need to remove her chastity belt for any purposes, like putting in the dildo, removing it, or cleaning, she should be handcuffed behind her back. So she doesn’t touch her vagina for the entire deal.

    Maybe have her around one of your other photoshoots. If a remote controlled vibrator will be included in one of the photoshoots for one of your members, she can control the remote. Might make her frustrated, knowing shes missing on the pleasure since it’s someone else getting it? :) If she’s not comfortable with that, then don’t do that.

    If she tries to be disobedient, like refuse to do a pre-assigned chore or request, or make your day difficult – add a few days to her locked up time.

    Maybe one final test would make it interesting. The 30th day, the day that the plug is in her for a few hours, then take the belt off (remember the original deal is 31 days like I suggested), then don’t handcuff her. Leave her free. But no clothes. For 2 hours. Can she NOT touch herself? If she ends up touching herself, she has to be locked again, for another 2 weeks. We should throw in something sexual. Like watching another photoshoot or another sexual activity that would arouse her. (she should tell you what arouses her before the deal so we can use it).

    • I forgot that I should add, if she intentionally breaks something, like breaking the link between the thigh bands like Natalia did, that should mean a punishment. Another 2 weeks? (if it breaks innocently like from walking and it wasn’t intentional then no punishment)

    • wel Auror i really like this idea of yours. but you could also take it a little step further. for exsample when she has the metal plug inside her, you can also attached the black mysterious box. to give her a punishment when she is doing something wrong.

  4. ramacclean says:

    I am a member
    Let see the length of time for the deal should be 7 to 14 days.
    Yasmine will have to go out in public.
    As for additional gear she needs a chastity bra and a collar that she has to wear the whole time.
    Adding plugs to the belt is a good way to add some challenge to the deal.
    Excessive complaining could be punished by adding time locked up.

  5. LoveBondage1960 says:

    Non – Member (was member during Donna Chastity contract and didn’t like your updates since that finished. Natalia was ok but to short of contract)

    I will become a member again if Yamine does the chastity contract for 30 days.

    Like some have suggested I think she should be locked in just the belt and thigh bands only, and the thigh bands should remain connected the entire 30 days.
    I think Yasmine should have her wrists cuffed behind her back when the belt gets removed for cleaning or her freedom should be at least be very restricted.
    Also she should be set challenges over the 30 days, for instance made to go shopping for certain items, or visit very public places, or have her sleep in wrist cuffs that are locked to a collar for one night, or even wrist to belt again for one night. I also like the idea she should be Vaginal plugged, and made to sleep with it inside her or made to go out in public with it hidden under clothes If she completes a challenge she gains points, but if she fails she gets minus points, and at the end of the 30 days the points get added up. You could set a points target before her contract starts

    Get Yasmine to create a video diary,and she talks about how she feels, and how she copping, and her fears, or frustrations.

  6. slavelabor says:

    1. Collared so that she can’t hide her fetish.
    2. Plugged for endless arousel.
    3. She must go out every other day or night, no hiding at home.
    4. Daily personal video diary. So you can pick the best reactions for posting.
    5. Everyweek she has to find a stranger and reveal her belt for embaressment.
    6. Must have arms and legs restrained for belt removal and personal hygene time. Can chose someone she trust for personal cleaning.

    Just a few thoughts.

  7. Ingemar says:


    I find the idea that she should do something outdoors is great, go shopping for her own food or something, a bra would add to it and if you made it in a new model for you with connecting chains to the belt she´d have to think very well how she dresses when leaving the house. For indoors collar and the other things would be great, maybe a night or two locked to the bed, of course with a bucket aside the bed for panic-situations.
    The idea of a short break without anything shortly before the end and some “interesting” material to be watched is great and if she even makes an attempt of touching herself in “forbidden” manners or areas I think a walk outside with an electrical dildo in the belt would be great and the punisher carrying the remote for it out of her vision.

    • Ingemar says:

      Forgot to say that at least a fortnight and even better a month would be it.

      • Ingemar says:

        A few more comments, why not for instance take her to a bar for a drink or something when in full “galore” under the clothes? Otherwise a “proper” restaurant not just fast food places, that could be some kind of bonus thing after the locked up night, being at a restaurant with table-service and “clinking”…
        Maybe for a so long period i “bands” just a padlock could be a little to restrictive so a chain of about half the length that the Check-girl had would be permitted.

  8. Member.

    I think chastity bra can be used sometimes to spice things up but not needed all the time.

    When chastity belt is off for cleaning and shaving she must be restrained by wrists and ankles.

    For punishment: anal plug, extra restraints, cuff her hands to the belt.

    Visits outside like restaurants etc.

    Two weeks minimum :-)

  9. non-member (soon 2 be?)
    i love the earlier idea about her interacting with the photo shoot models. Some game amongst the girls needs to hit the website! Maybe with the three kidnapped girls.

    She should get breaks from the thigh bands for her comfort she only needs those at night and if your belt is good nt even then.

  10. Member

    I agree with some of the above comments. A vaginal plug would definitely be in order. Keeping her restrained while cleaning or adding gear is a good idea, too. I’m not too concerned if she leaves to go out in public or not. However, if she doesn’t go out then she can’t be allowed any clothes at all.

    One more point to add. She should only be plugged I think. No vibrators. That would add frustration yes but just feeling filled up like that without any other stimulation would be even more frustrating, I would think.

    Can’t wait to see what happens.

    • Yeah but a dildo inside, and if shes not moving. Just sitting, or whatever, won’t have much of an impact.

  11. Stephen Miletus says:


    The thing that was disappointing about Donna’s Chastity Deal was that, bluntly, she did very little. She hung around the apartment & moped about being belted & under constant view; it wasn’t fun for us, & it wasn’t healthy for her. And the comments so far agree that people want to see more: get her out of the apartment, get her tormented by her enforced chastity (in various ways), & give the viewers some idea what she thinks/feels in this condition.

    What needs to happen is some balance between these two: look out for the mental health of Yasmine (or any woman taking the Chastity Belt Challenge), while providing some entertainment. (Yes, the audience wants to feel we control her, we want to mess with her a little.) So let’s offer a system of rewards & punishments.

    First off, she is told she will be belted for 30 days, but that number will be increased or decreased depending on what she does. The hard limits for Yasmine could be as few as, say, 20 days (no matter how many credits she accumulates, that’s the minimum time she’ll be belted) & a maximum of 45 (no matter how many forfeits she accumulates, that’s the maximum time she’ll be belted).

    For each activity she accomplishes, she has one day deducted from the 30. For example, if she gets out of apartment & walks around belted (under her clothes, of course) in public so long for so many days, one day is deducted from the total. I’m thinking a total of at least one hour for 15 days: that’s 5 days a week, three weeks minimum: this provides her a break of a day or two, & is doable within the hard minimum of days. Other activities include activities like: wearing some kind of stimulus — a vaginal vibrator or anal plug — two or three days each of the three weeks, or watching an hour of porn at least one hour for 15 days (a more subtle form of stimulus). And maybe earns two days for more adventurous activity — say goes to a nightclub & starts getting passionate with a guy (or girl) while belted earns one day by itself (i.e., on top of one day earned for being belted in public), or wears a vibrator or anal plug under the belt while out in public for at least an hour by itself.

    Then there are the forfeits. For example, if her contract specifies she must be handcuffed while her belt is cleaned, & she refuses, for each offense after the first instance one day is added to the 30. Or if she doesn’t keep her logs (available to members only, of course), Or if she fails to try one of the three ways she could deduct a day from the 30: she refuses to leave the apartment even once, or to watch porn for even one hour, or to experience one session with a vibrator or plug inserted.

    Then there are two further ‘special” conditions.

    First, for each full week she is belted, members are allowed to vote whether to extend her chastity by one day. (Yasmine isn’t told how many days this is until after her 19th day belted, just to be mean. ;-) So Yasmine could submit to everything to reduce her time belted, only to find she has to endure the full 30 days. (The members prove to be that cruel.)

    Second, someone–member or not, although with that much money, why not become a member?–is allowed to buy more days for her to be in chastity, as long as her total days does not exceed the maximum 45. (Half the money goes to Yasmine, the other half to the website.) She may end up doing 45 days, but she will get a bonus for that.

    Of course, any conditions would need Yasmine to agree to them. (Maybe she won’t submit to inserted vibrators or anal plugs; it is her body, & she has the final say to what she will do.) it’s no fun tormenting someone who doesn’t enjoy it.

    Yes, this is kinky. And yes, doing all this to her could end up making Yasmine crazy. But it will be very enjoyable for kinky & crazy people like us to watch. (Make this a contest with awards & penalties for Yasmine, & it will be hard for me *not* to become a member.)

    Stephen Miletus

    • I will subscribe again if this is done…

      But one thing I would like to add… members should not be able to buy extra days – it would end up with 45 days no matter what.

      The lower limit should be 14 days… but for each day members should be able to vote for different challenges: like being plugged for 5 hours, go out in public to confront a stranger and show belt or maybe some of the other challenges. If she does not do so: 2 days are added to the deal.

      A blog should be kept, so we can follow Yasmine “live” with the feelings she has during the 14 days.

      Moreover, the picture updates should be every 2 or three days. Not like with Donna we had to wait for months to get the story… that was tooo booooring.

      • Stephen Miletus says:

        It all depends on the price of the extra days. Say Yasmine agrees to an extra day for US$2,000; with the website getting the exact same amount, that is now US$4,000.

        I don’t think there are too many people out on the ‘Net who’d drop that kind of cash, but there just might be–which adds a bit of uncertainty to her situation.

  12. non-member (here – love bb and mb)

    Put a collar in the pack – send her outdoors – and i WILL be a member

  13. Non-member(soon to be member though)

    1. Yoga, I would love to see Yasmine do Yoga and strike graceful poses while belted. She seems very graceful and if nothing else please include this, I think it would be great.

    2. She has to go somewhere outside, even if its just a walk down the street. A park or something like that would be better. The people in public won’t even know about our secret.

    3. Have her go shopping for dresses and take a camera into the changing room.

    Yasmine if you are reading this thank you and good luck. I can’t wait to see the videos!

  14. Membership (not current at this time) I’m eager to hear more of what Yasmine would accept. A lot of of the comments mention longer deals plus punitive time additions, even a mention of electroplay witch Yasmine has already experienced. You could deduct time as well as add time, and farther more Yasmine could have the option to decide how she gets to be punished if she does misbehave. The question is, what methods would she allow? Would she take a pi-polar egg instead of a dildo?

    • I’m sorry I forgot to add that electro is not only about pain but can also be a reward. Vibes would make a good substitute as well.

  15. Anon2013 says:

    Mr. Miletus has some great ideas….what about if you write the rules that she has to wear the thigh bands out…but she has to lock them on herself. Much like the story “Hired Help,” where Jennifer has to lock her clothes on each day with a key that is locked to the wall. Do the same with the thigh bands – lock the key to the wall in her room, and allow her to unlock her thigh bands if she is in her room. All other times she is required to have the thigh bands on. The only exception would be the bathroom.

    I will disagree with Stephen though in that I don’t believe watching porn should be mandatory – make it a reward that doesn’t have punishment (I.e., 1 hour of porn could take off 12 hours of her belted time, but there is no punishment for not watching it).

    – Don’t require a collar or cuffs, this is a chastity site, and the goal is not bondage, but babes wearing chastity belts. We ran into this problem before with Donna.

    Lastly, I also believe that letting come to a shoot and have her control a vibe under another model’s belt could be interesting – 2 shoots in 1!

    And a daily diary (maybe a blog would be best) should be required – not only to find out how she’s coping, but to read her thoughts on chastity and the deal.

    I’m not a member, but I might become one if I had the means to do so.

  16. Let’s face it: most girls will think that a plug is a bit too intrusive, so how about a remote control vibrating massaging pad instead? Offer her the chance to receive a “reward” if she does a daring task.

  17. Watcher says:

    I think there needs to be some kind of story involved. I find it to be much more entertaining that way. Perhaps she racked up some gambling debt and the person she owes is letting her pay it off by spending time in chastity instead. Extra actions could pay off the debt faster.

    As an aside i think a bra should be required at all times, and ideally collar and cuffs would be too (not attached to anything)

  18. Daniela says:

    Dearest Yasmine,

    I am so sorry to read so many men have so strange a fantasy about your chastity term. I often wonder, if they have any good feelings at all?
    Nevertheless, webmaster wanted some suggestions, so here are mine:
    I think, ten days in chastity gear would be long enough. And even ten days are a long time. I know, the producers want you to act despair and madness, something they can sell to the hungry wolves.
    I would like you to get an experience out of it. What does it mean to stay without sexual pleasure for so long? How does your body react, how your mind?

    It would be nice to see you outside amongst other people. Your thigh bands should be locked together with a lock only, no chain. I know it can be done, I have my own experience.
    It would be wonderful if you had to wear a chastity bra as well, at least sometimes. And, when outside, it should be just a little visible to the skilled eye. Just enough so you know, others can see what predicament you are in. Maybe in a short pleated skirt, kneelength only, which will fly up in the wind?? Or, when without the thigh bands, the short wrap around netball skirt type? They are so sexy…

    Plugs? Maybe you can act ‘bad girl’ once, so you should have the pleasure of both metal friends…. (and maybe strapped to a tread mill in 6 inch heels??)

    All in all I will wish you a good time. It is important to see, the models are treated well and are not forced to do things.

    Btw, I once was a member and will certainly become one again this summer. It would be nice to hear from you!

    hugs, Daniela

    • ArnoNym says:

      As a man – and paying member – I completely agree with Danielas points of view, i.e. don’t overdue it with Yasmine (or any other babe). I guess you as chastity babes team also got some experiences from Donna’s locked up time, so take that into account, please.
      I would also be interested in her feelings during her time wearing the chastity belt, so an update about it from time to time would be really nice.

      Good luck, Yasmine!

    • Stephen Miletus says:

      First Daniela, I think it’s fair to say that the person who will have the last say about what Yasmine will be doing in this Chastity Deal will be Yasmine. We are simply throwing out ideas here, & while I might be coming up with ideas that are too daring, I’d rather mention ideas she will reject than leave unspoken ideas she might actually agree to. We’re negotiating here.

      Second, you’ve almost suggested an idea here, Daniela, that should be part & parcel of the experiment: set up a way for Yasmine to communicate with her audience. This definitely must include the paying members, although it would be nice if she had an email address, say, where Yasmine could receive email from beyond the paying members. Of course all communications must be respectful to her (she is a human being, after all), & I can understand if the folks running Chastity Babes decided an external email would be more trouble than it was worth.

      The point of having Yasmine interact with the members — either a web forum or an hour each day where she would talk with members in real time — is to make this a shared adventure, not to have Yasmine simply entertain a bunch of creepy Internet perverts. (Even if we are creepy Internet perverts; most of us can be civil & respectful gentlefolk when needed.) On one hand the members can encourage her to do more adventurous things, while on the other Yasmine can explain the emotional & physical strain she is under. Done right, everyone benefits from the experience without her doing anything she might later regret. And this might serve as a model for future Chastity Deals.

  19. Member.

    my suggestions:

    1. 14 days or a month.
    2. She has to go out in public about half number of days.
    3. Wear a collar. If not through the whole duration, at least a few of the days when she goes out in public.
    4. If possible, she will have to wear the complete chastity set out in public ONCE.
    5. If possible, she will have to reveal her belt to a stranger when out. But only if it is possible to guarantee her safety.
    6. Video diaries of her talking about her experience.
    7. She must try to masturbate at least once.

  20. Payming member.

    What about a challenge with two girls since you got two identical versions? That way, they can exchange their experience. Would be an idea since there were two belts melt.

    They can also go shopping together.

    First girl to persuade a third girl to try a belt for a week together with them wins – no bands for that period for the winning girl, plug or bra for the “looser”

    Fashion challenge – the girl that has the better idea to implement the belt into the cloth fashion wins (members decide after fashion show). Victory is handled like above.

    Please do some tests to show the strength of the belt – bolt cutting of the material to proof strength and the impossibility to get to the lock. Test of course while the belt is not in operation.

  21. Not a member – but I’m the guy with the great ideas ;-)

    Here is your game:

    1. Lock her into the belt.
    2. No fixed amout of time.
    3. There is a “score” she has to reach in order to get out.
    4. Let’s say the score is 500.
    5. There is a list with chores that get her between 1-50 points.
    6. The members decide which chores will be on that list an how much they are worth.
    7. Have a list that allows for more points then 500 so that the girl is able to pick what she thinks will be easiest.

    8. Here is a fantasy example:

    Things that can be done every day:

    – wear the belt for 24h = 1 point (so she’ll be out after 500 days if she does nothing LOL)
    -have a cleaning break = -5 points

    Things that can only be done once (in order to get points)
    – go shopping = 20 points
    – wear a full chastity outfit for 3 days = 50 points
    – flash the belt in public = 25 points
    – spend the night in bondage = 25 points
    – wear a dildo plug for 5 hours = 15 points (can be done 3-5 times)
    – go swimming in your belt = 25 points for 400m
    – do situps every morning = 25 points for reaching a total of 1500
    – wear lockable blindfolds for 24h = 25 points
    – have your hands locked to the belt for 24h = 25 points
    – walk and dance on the catwalk for all the members = 15 points
    – record a 5 min video in which you talk about how it feels to be locked up.
    – go to a night club and dance with thigh-bands hidden under a skirt. = 40 points

    super special:

    – fall down on you knees and beg the members for a release = 20-100 points – depends on how good you beg.

    • This sound like a very good concept – of cause i would love to get some collar related points here as well

      Could be:

      Ordinary collar – 1 point for 24 hours

      Heavy collar from steel bondage 3-5 points for 24 hours

      Public appearance in clearly visible collar 10-25 points – according to location – collar type – duration…

      • like it!
        I just wanted to introduce the concept – I’m sure there are better ideas for tasks than the ones I have provided.
        The only thing that I really really want to see is a girl on her knees who begs for a release ;-)

    • This concept sounds like very much of fun. I hope the webmasters reade this. I want to become a membership when you do these.

  22. David E says:

    I would rather her be belted longer with less than shorter with more. Just a belt AND VAGINAL PLUG normally with a vibrator and bra as a punishment. Interviews, blogs and video blogs would be a great idea. Question about keeping herself clean, using the toilet, showering, sexual frustration, the vaginal plug and dealing with her period would all be great. Flirting or even more with a boy would be great. Add ons that just make her look different, but don’t do anything are not necessary.

    Also, please make sure you do this safely.

    • I have myself a chastity belt but I don’t am enough beautiful for a model to be. Flirting when I am inside of it maked me much horny. A pluck is also much horny but only for a shorter time. Because a longer time is then much painful and then is nothing anymore horny. But maybe it works with a smaller pluck but also not so long or it is so small that it is not horny.
      One time I weared my belt with the pluck two days long and that has really hurt.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I think instead of all the hard-core ideas… Yasmine should decide what she is comfortable with, and set her own limits. Yes, it would be interesting to see double-plugged electro-chastity with full outfit cuffs and collars in public for a month… but is that really realistic? Maybe she should decide what she will agree to… as a challenge should be that: a challenge – and not blatant torture. A challenge should be something regarding being kept in chastity that she has not experienced before and it should do nothing more than test her limits. Yes, we haven’t seen double plugs on this site yet, but if she’s dead set about trying an anal plug than we’ve gotta respect that. She’s also already tried electro – and if she’s dead set against doing it again, than we gotta respect that too. Let’s keep it real guys – she wants to try a chastity deal, let’s not scare her away with unrealistic fantasies.

  24. Michael says:

    Hi, I think you should add the metal collar (at least) and no shorter period than a month.


  25. Lothlorien says:

    So, I’m not a member; I’ve really considered a membership, but what’s made me hesitant is that, well, the chastity deals don’t always seem like very positive experiences for the models doing them. Anyone who’s sought out incredibly spicy food knows that discomfort can have its upside. I’d like to see Yasmine needy and desperate, but more importantly, *happy*, needy and desperate.

    In terms of how to go about this? Well item #1 on the list is what does Yasmine think? What turns her on? What would she like from all this?

    In that vein I really echo the other postings about hearing from her as to what her experiences are like. On the other hand, I mean, writing is hard; I don’t want to put a girl on the spot.

    Or, well, I mean, I do. Just…only if she’s also into that.

    Otherwise, some thoughts:

    – When the belt is removed, seeing her cuffed and sitting on a sybian or hitachi that’s used to tease her before being put back into the belt would be pretty hot
    – Modelling clothes after being belted for a while; not necessarily with the belt visible. I’d be interested to see neediness’ impact on her allure.
    – I’d rather avoid the chastity bra, collar, thigh bands, etc. I think it’s more interesting and alluring for her to feel less like a prisoner and more like a girl who just really needs so very, very badly to cum.
    – Some “epic girls kissing” footage, with Yasmine and another girl kissing in a really hot way; the other girl, of course, isn’t belted, and is free to masturbate after. Or during? While Yasmine sits unable to do anything.
    – A vibrator inserted in the belt, operated by remote, but tied to some external environmental effect (like, what’s happening in a sports game). Will she get enough stimulation to cum?
    – An arousal contest: Yasmine and another belted girl each try to get the other as hot as they possibly can. Whoever does the best job is rewarded with an orgasm.
    – A bump and grind for members? To try to convince us just how needy she is?

  26. I would like to see her locked up for whatever time is determined,


    she must be sent home, or out and about, live a normal life, possibly with the camera tagging along, possibly give her, her own camera and tri-pod to set up at her own home, so as to capture real-life/normal-life with the chastity belt.

    no more Amsterdam apartment, but normal daily actions, meeting friends for diner, nightclub visits, etc

    just my suggestion

  27. roadie12 says:

    agood start, next maybe a more secure bra, ankle and wrist cuffs also, if willing test a version of this chastity belt with a barrel key lock or a type made by Locked in Steel

  28. This chastity belt is great, but what about a chastity belt worn below the waist on the hip. Thanks & keep up the good work.

  29. I’m a paying member.
    Basically i’m agree with Mr Milatus, and the others saying don’t overdue it.
    Because it’s a chastity deal, i don’t think that Yasmine’ll have to decide what she wants. She need to determine the borders of course, but not the whole deal. As Milatus said, there is no fun tormenting someone who doesn’t enjoy it, and i totally agree with this.
    Some suggestions:

    -Minimum three weeks of chastity.
    -Only the belt and thigh bands in default. Voluntary wearing additional gears, like bra, collars, cuffs, she can reduce the time of the whole deal.
    -If she voluntrary wearing plug(s) or remote vibe(s), she can reduce her chastised days even more(e.g: one day spent(24h) with plugged, equals 1 or 2 days of chastity. 1 plug 1 day, 2 plugs 2 day..;) )
    And finally, i think she must have to wear a plug at least once, (and go for a nice walk on countryside) regardless of she want or not.

    In general:
    -i really like(and obviously others too) to hear about her feelings, impressions during the chastity deal. I think a small diary would be useful at least( it could be written, but even better if she say some words in the video updates)
    -staying such a long time in an apartement is very boring both for Yasmine and for us, so please entertain her, go to shopping, restaurant, cafe, or a simple walk in the nature…. It’s also a good chance to make great updates :)

    Yasmine, if you read this, you’re a very nice woman, who looks simply gorgeous in chastity gear so please, accept the challenge :) I’m eager to see the first updates with you.

  30. Idea Man says:

    Prepare a strong box so it can be locked with up to 30 padlocks. Put the keys for the locks in 30 numbered envelopes. Yasmine will then roll 5 dice to find out how many locks will secure the box (5-30). She then puts on her chastity belt and puts the chastity key into the strong box and locks all the locks.

    Now the game starts. For her to get a key she needs to complete a task. They can be quick (Get coffee at the local store) or long (24 hours locked in a fiddle). No one will know how long she will be in chastity but each task is a great photo oportunity. You will also see frustration when she gets an envelope that has a key for a lock that was not used. In therory she could get out in less than 5 days or more than 30 if she is not willing to do the tasks.

  31. Hi Yasmine and Team,
    i will see more c-babes wearing the mysterious black box. I would prefer a task with increasing intensity. Just do NOT too powerful!

  32. The belts used on this website are said to be “Completely secure” although I doubt the truth to that.. Let a newer game be give her the option to get out of the chastity belt at any time after the first 1/3 of the deal has been finished. So transition a secure steel lock to a plastic seal lock. However if she breaks the seal before she is allowed to remove it she does not get paid any money at this time, the model must wear a chastity belt for 30 days before any future contracts can be made. Also when a new contract is being made the original duration of the first contract must be carried out in addition to the new contract without any breaks. Once a total of 1/3 of the 30 day punishment and both contracts has been spent in the belt she will once again have an option of cutting her way out, as the entire process repeats.

  33. Thaniel says:


    Not too much equipment all the time. But, some variation.

    As we saw with Donna, after the first week-10 days or so, the mind and body seems to relax a bit. So it needs to be something around 14-15 days or so. Maybe add in an option for longer for a bonus payment if she wants, at that time.

    Vaginal plug/insertible for several hours at a time (5-10 hours) depending on how practical/possible that will be.

    Collar, absolutely. I’d love to see her in one of the heavier collars though.

    And public apearance. I don’t care if she flashes the belt to someone or not. But under dress, with collar visible, oh yes :)

    I do like the idea of a point-based “game” like Max proposes, but since you haven’t been showing clips from each and every day of longer durations before, and such a game would probably be better if in a more “reality” setting (please please please do that, 30 day reality show, 6 girls, points to be had for achievements), anyway, back on topic:

    A “program” of things for her to do/wear of varying stuff is atleast a good idea.

    Oh, and did I mention, she needs a vaginal probe/insertible for several hours, alteast once during the time.

  34. lockedwife says:

    I am now six month into a one year deal of being locked in a chastity belt, and can only think of sex every minute of the day. I am really looking forward to opening day in November.

    I am constanly aroused

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