chastity belt 

Well… at least that was the idea: Taylor preparing a nice dinner for us. She volunteered to do so, but in the end it was a really long wait and we had to finish the preparations ourselves.

Locked in her chain style chastity belt for almost 6 hours now, Taylor was way too distracted to peel and slice potatoes. She is one of the girls that actually get horny from wearing a chastity belt, which is very ironic (to say the least). And Taylor got very horny that day. Her pussy captured in the secondary shield cage was rubbing against the belt at every move, and sitting down on that part of the belt actually seemed to arouse her even more!

So yes, being horny makes it hard to prepare dinner. Taylor even tried to open the padlocks with the knives, including a huge one, but luckily she realised that was going to be too dangerous. The sheer frustration in this update is very nice to watch, Taylor tried to be a good housewife, but her mind just wouldn’t cooperate.

We didn’t let her out, of course. She would be locked in her chastity belt until late in the evening. Dinner was interesting, Taylor only had a few small bites…


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  1. Taylor could be my future favourite :) she is very hot in that chastity gear, maybe she would like to try the full outfit, or plugs;) I’m sure she’ll be gorgeous in full chastity. Great update, but honestly , only a girl thinks that a knife will open a padlock….

  2. Artorevs says:

    Very nice update. I love the frustration face of Taylor, and her sensual body!

  3. Justin says:

    For what it’s worth, I like that not all girls end up in full chastity gear in every update. Sometimes, the simplicity of just a belt is better than the addition of a bra, etc.

  4. Ingemar says:

    Not a too fresh idea to sit on the area where she was supposed to prepare the food.

  5. I’d love for Taylor to be my housewife, although I would allow for her to be belt free while preparing dinner!

  6. “Plugged in” contract? Seems to be the right babe for that. Of course this would be complicated since it’s not possible to wear a plug 24/7…but how about a deal like: 30 days in a normal belt with the option to have a day counted as 2 days whenever she wears a plug for at least 5 hours on one day? Sounds complicated but could be a lot of fun and only 15 days if she’s willing to suffer from extra hornyness each day?

    • David E says:

      Good idea, I would love to see a plugged contract. I think the amount of time in the plug should be just a little longer though.

  7. How about a pee shot?

  8. roadie12 says:

    she is definitely getting hot in the kitchen

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