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Brittany, Tiffany, and Melissa are well-known glamour models on their way to an exciting photo shoot! Unfortunately, their car breaks down and they find themselves stranded in a very quiet rural town in the Czech Republic. They decide to go and find help, leaving their car behind. They hope to find a nice helpful person at the nearest house.

There seem to be no signs of life at this creepy house. All of the windows and doors are locked. The girls walk around the house, knocking and shouting, but there seems to be no one there. The girls decide to split up. Tiffany remains at the front door while Brittany and Melissa wander off in different directions, in a last attempt to find someone who can help them with their car.

One by one, the girls are captured by a masked man! They should never have split up, now they are easy targets! They struggle, but eventually all three girls are unconscious and powerless. It is hard to tell how long they were out, but nothing could have prepared them for what happens next:

Slowly, the girls wake up in a strange bed. Even with their headaches, it does not take them long to realise they are locked into full chastity outfits! All of their clothes are gone, as well as their mobile phones!! Confused and dazed, the girls tug at the steel gear that is locked onto their bodies. They are very frightened and worried. The room seems to empty except for the bed. Who did this to them? What are they supposed to do now!?

To be continued next week… Stay tuned!!


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  1. I know, in America the kidnapping fantasy is popular in bondage stories and films. But I don’t like them that much.
    I would like an open air chastity belt market sale with a long line of female customers filmed much more.

    Greetings from Germany


    • seriously? I mean, everybody is entitled to their own opinion but is this really what you fantasize about? Women wanting to buy chastity belts? I understand that there are people who don’t see chastity belts as a means of power exchange and that they have other fantasies about them. There are people who want to see them in everyday situation or in a strip show etc. But a sale? That’s neither romantic nor powerful… it’s nothing but well… people paying for something… I meant… how dull and boring can a fantasy get?

      No offense, though. Naturally erotic fantasies can not be analyzed in rational ways, so maybe I should re-think this… but I had to ask you non-the-less.

      Greetings from… well, also Germany ;-)

    • How about an open air market of chaste babes for sale? That’s a fantasy I can wrap my head around. Maybe have some back-story of how each of the girls wound up in chastity and at the market. Paying a debt, or enslaved and sold by a sheik, or innocently locked herself in and found herself in an unexpected situation, etc. Would be fun. Somewhat medieval.

  2. Wow, this is great, I love it. lot of pics and nice clip! I’m curious what thy will do next -o-

  3. keyholder says:

    Holy shit webmaster, this shoot looks hot. I am seriously thinking about subscribing again when I get home.

  4. Nice 3 hot girls seem in a bit of trouble haha

  5. Waldo Faldo says:

    Would be even better if all were gagged/muzzled and arms locked to sides of belts.

  6. Now it starts to get really interesting here at Chastity Babes!
    Three girls in full chastity and no other clothes.
    Will they escape from the house? ;)

  7. chastizer says:

    I just wanted to chime in and say that I really like the direction the site is going.

  8. Since your back in the Czech Republic. Has there been any word lately from Dominique and her mom, Or is that another neighborhood all together? Just wondering how they are.

  9. roadie12 says:

    a good idea keep more of these coming

  10. Have you thought of having them act as if they’d been given an aphrodisiac on top of the full chastity treatment? That’s a fantasy of mine, and it would be amazing to watch.

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