chastity belt 

When Dominique was belted by Francis, we followed them for almost a year by paying them regular visits and inviting them over. But we were never sure if Dominique was in her belt 24/7. Probably not. That is why we started doing the Chastity Deals in our own location (the Amsterdam apartment), so we could guarantee a 24/7 belting.

Still, it was fun to have the incredibly beautiful Dominique over and do some test shoots. We tested full chastity gear very early on, and she was always happy to help out. Just an easily approachable girl, and the only girl we knew at the time that would bring her own chastity belt.

Here is a photo (and video) shoot we did of Dominique wearing a full chastity outfit. She just looks so stunning! She is trying on different little dresses and posing for our female photographer. This update is for the Dominique fans, enjoy! We have some other archive and test sets of her that we will release soon!


3 comment(s) to “Dominique – from the archives”

  1. I still think that the look on her face in CB25 when Francis raises the front shield up between her legs and she feels the steel has press up against her labia is a wonderful moment –

  2. Please bring more video from Donna Day 29 out of the “archives”. You supposedly had her home alone with her wrists cuffed to her belt for hours. I’d love to see more of it.

  3. Why didn’t you simply keep the only key to one of the front locks, or put it in a sealed retainer to be opened in an emergency, And how often do you have to adjust the rear chains? Have you no other contacts near where they live who can bring the other key?

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