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Leyla Gold is unique, she is a submissive porn star. Not many of those around! Her Master liked locking her in a chastity belt so much, that he is currently deciding on drafting a nice contract for Leyla. Of course, it will be a lot different from most chastity contracts, because, unlike other girls, Leyla needs to be able to take off her belt for work.

But since she has so much sex, her Master is really liking the idea of locking her up at home. This will make her perform better at work, and it will also improve their sex life and bdsm relationship.

We were invited back to their house recently to lock Leyla in a chain style belt for few hours in the early morning. Her Master just can not seem to decide whether to go with a rigid style or chain style. Leyla does not seem to care much, she does not really complain in either belt, she will wear whatever He chooses her to wear. Hiding the belt is no problem with either style, as Leyla kindly demonstrates in this update.

Full chastity would probably be best for Leyla Gold, but she has her own weapons to prevent that from happening: her boobs are too large for standard chastity bras. A custom bra would have to be designed to stop this girl from touching herself completely, but for now, a chain style belt seems to do the job quite well!


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  1. So WHY does “Leyla needs to be able to take off her belt for work[?]”

    • Traumaemt says:

      She, according to the article above, is a “submissive porn star”. She would not be able to have sex as a porn start very easily with a chastity belt on, now would she? She would be out of a job!!

      But, She would look REALLY hot in a full chastity outfit, with belt, bra, and thigh bands…. and locked on high heels would be a great addition also!!

  2. If she has to take the belt of for work it’s not a chastity contract. They should make porn movies about her wearing that belt, not able to get off herself and having to use her ….. you know, it’s only a chain-style belt and she has hands and a mouth.

    Maybe some of her “vanilla-fans” would be disappointed but she might get other fans ;-)

  3. i would love to see her in full chastity

  4. Alenonimo says:

    Maybe she could take a vacation and the contract could be made then.

  5. Doesn’t seem much point if she is out of the belt for work. Time for two or three weeks off work for a locked holiday in Amsterdam!

    A girl used to that much sex would be a perfect candidate for a enforced break. You could have a chastity bra made for her too.

  6. mmm very tasty i like this girl alot she has an awesome body and looks very good in chastity xD

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