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After proving there is no reason at all not to wear a chastity belt (yes, you can do all sports / yes, you can hide it perfectly under clothes / yes, you can wear it 24/7), the final complaint is a very weak one, but we hear it a lot: ‘I don’t like black, the black lining does not go with all of my outfits’. Sigh… girls :)

Today we will show you there is fashion in chastity. You can choose from all kinds of lining colors, even very girly colors if you want. We invited the very sexy Ashley Bulgari to model a blue lined high security belt and chastity bra for you. And as a bonus, Ashley brought her friend (and new Chastity Babe) Eileen Sue to model the most popular color lining: candy pink!

A little strip tease from this duo makes sure you get a full view of the perfectly adjusted belts and bras. The sexy duo gets really excited, good thing they were wearing chastity gear! We are proud to present this update, as we have never seen chastity fashion modelled by two top internet models before! Blue and pink are the new black, let’s hope next summer the beaches will be filled with girls in these outfits!


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  1. should i really hope for that? only if i’m the keyholder hah! ;-)

  2. WOW! Very hot! …more please! :)

  3. chastityman says:

    And now in colors, so pretty !

  4. the belts are beautiful, keep doing what you’re doing

  5. No doubt these outfits are hot. Very hot indeed. Still, each time you have two girls in one shooting, I think to myself: Why didn’t you create an asymetric situation? I’d love to see two girls locked in a room with sex toys and stuff, while one of them is all locked up (belt. bra, thighbands, hands cuffed to the belt) and the other is free to use whatever toy she wants.
    Let the locked up girl see what she’s missing!
    make her feel envious!
    show her the key but don’t give it to her!

    • Great idea!

      Why not put the keys for the belt and so on in a transparent dildo that the “free” girl uses as it should be used, for the locked up girl seeing the keys to her freedom to disappear up the other girls vagina would really be something.

  6. Forestier says:

    Nice girls, but unfortunate tanlines!

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