chastity belt 

Free shopping!! Most girls would love that, so it was not very difficult to make a Chastity Deal with new girl Bella. Just flash the belt in a public shopping mall, so we can take some pictures and video. And get a few hundred euro worth of free shopping in return. Easy!

But once we arrived at the mall, Bella suddenly wasn’t so sure she wanted anyone to see her predicament. She was browsing the shops very nervously, looking for the right moments to show us her belt. There are just ALWAYS people coming when you are trying to do something like this. Of course, we picked a busy mall, and there just wasn’t a quiet moment or spot to be found. Bella could not even pause for a second without getting some glances.

It made her very shy and nervous, but also very very excited! Something mischievous took hold of the tiny beautiful girl, and she was afraid and daring at the same time! Perhaps the feeling of her hidden secret, surrounded by hundreds of people, triggered some sort of fantasy! We could see Bella was having fun, although she was scared to death someone might spot her chastity belt.

After this mall trip, Bella was exhausted from all the tension. But we still had two more busy locations in mind for the rest of her shopping day!!


5 comment(s) to “Bella – nervous shopping”

  1. Shops and chastity belt – Can a girl have it better?

  2. still seems to be missing something, perhaps a chastity bra so she matches

  3. David Sellmon says:

    I don’t know but I still find a rigid belt much more appealing with its clean elegance. Which one do the models themselves prefer, by the way?

  4. Locked_inSteel says:

    Shopping for the first time in a rigid steel chastity belt can be awkard. But confidence can build very fast after going out locked a couple of times.

    Personally, on my 10th public outing belted, all fears completely dissapeared and wasn’t thinking of it. And when I did, I belt was simply feeling like as if I was shopping with compression shorts – made of steel. Now I oftentimes go shopping buttplugged under my steel crotchbelt with no issues or fear.

    The only “limitation” when shopping buttplugged under chastity is to avoid leaning down as the plug may unexpectaly thrust deep and hit the G-Spot. So it’s best to slowly bend the knees and go down with the back straight when picking an item from the bottom shelf and slowly get up as the plug’s pin realigns itseft on the anal slot. Other than that, makes shopping extremely fun!!!

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