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Please welcome our newest Chastity Babe: Sita! This 21 year-old emailed us to see if there was some money to be made by doing a chastity belt casting. No problem, we said! We added (jokingly): there’s even more money to be made if you do a plugged casting! We did not expect her to be interested, since it has proven very hard to find any girls for plugged beltings.

‘Sure! That sounds like fun!’, was Sita’s answer. We were amazed. This girl had never touched a chastity belt, and now she wanted to go at a plugged casting on her first belting experience! We did not waste any time (before she could change her mind) and we prepared a tightly measured belt, with a solid stainless steel plug. The plug is very heavy, weighing over 500 grams, and it is 16cm long (3.5cm at its widest point). Sita’s belt was designed to actually hold 2 plugs, but for now we are only plugging the vaginal secondary shield.

Watch in awe as young Sita plugs and locks herself in her chastity belt… you can actually see the plug moving back and forth as her body position changes. This cleverly designed belt allows the plug to slide, so it can be used in all daily activities! We told Sita to get dressed after this casting, because we wanted to take her to a big space where she could experience walking around, a very interesting sensation (as you will see in the next part)!!

Sita was so brave, even though being plugged and locked takes a lot of getting used to, within a few minutes of locking herself she was already putting on tight jeans, sitting down, bending over, and more! This girl could be up for a plugged contract! That would be a first!


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  1. This looks interesting. A “chastity belt with a plug” is an Oxymoron – a great one, though. The idea of a chastity belt is twisted and turned around in an ankle of 180 degrees. Unlike the other girls, Sita isn’t “locked out”, she is “locked in”. The only thing this fantasy has in common with the “nomal” belting is that she can’t do anything about it unless she hasn’t the key. Make her beg for it! But don’t give it to her… not just yet ;-)

  2. I think you have a winner here. Can’t wait to see more!

  3. wow! signed up because of this!
    please more like that…

  4. This belt has an extension that would seem to prevent the user from defeacting without a partial removal of the belt.

  5. Always great to see women wearing chastity belt with plug inside. More like that …

    • You are right it is really wonderfull to see girls wearing plugged chastity belt. May I suggest the manufacturer of the belt to add a small additional padlock that if loked prevents the vaginal plug to slide in the slot of the secondary screen?. When it is on the castity belt turns to a perfect punishment device for stubborn girls.

      • Hi Bellins, nice suggestion but fixing the vaginal plug is not recommended, it needs to slide. Why? We will show you soon in a coming update!

        • I think what Bellins is trying to suggest is that by adding the extra rigidity of a fixed plug forces the wearer to remain either seated/bent-over or standing like with your hobble dress on

  6. Plugged_inSteel says:

    AWESOME!!! You sure got my credit card number for another month, hopefully to see the sequel (contract with two plugs?!) !!

  7. Gavin Jones says:

    Wow some sort of vibrator near the plug is a must surely

  8. she appears to be very interested

  9. Can’t wait to see the 2 plugs!

  10. Vibrator!

  11. Hi what are the main concerns girls have to using plugged belts?
    I can guess a few but was wondering what someone who has experience of this can say.

  12. Razorback says:

    Sita is an awesome suprise. Her first video here includes a plug. Wow! Finally, finding volunteers might not be as hard as expected. ;-)
    She is an interesting mix between boldness and shyness. Opposite to the over-talkative Natalia, she doesn’t say a single word, but her facial expressions and sighs speak for themselves.
    That video is almost a documentary in its kind :-)
    Moar! Moar! Moar! \o/

  13. This is much more secure than without the anal plug. Simply because both holes are inaccessible instead of just one :) Really sexy to watch her lock herself in the belt and anal plug. It is awesome how secure this is and the plug is not going anywhere without the key! Unfortunately, a deal like that is not possible unless you were there all the time, in case she needs to defecate.

  14. Please… More videos like that

  15. Get her for a plugged 24/7 contact ASAP!!!

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