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Whatever happened to Dominique!? Well there is some bad news and possibly some good news. Dominique did NOT renew her contract in September, even though her mom Francis (and most members) wanted her to. She fell in love and wanted to meet this guy without her belt. Francis eventually agreed, if this was the love of Dominique’s life then a chastity belt would no longer be necessary.

But now Dominique is single again, no boyfriend (that did not last long), and no job. In her small village, she is by far the most beautiful girl. All the guys want her, and Dominique goes out a lot. So Francis is worried again. But she can not force Dominique to wear a chastity belt, it can only be done by mutual agreement, like last time.

We have told Dominique and Francis that their story was very popular here, but they never seem to take a look at this website. Dominique however, seems to be interested in another contract, but only if she gets a lot of money for it. She desperately needs cash, but she will not sign for a year, the maximum would be a renewable contract of 2 months. We are currently discussing details, if we go ahead we want this contract to be a lot better than the last one. More opportunities to film and photograph, a brand new tight custom belt, and some punishment / rewarding clauses. Also, the supervised cleaning and shaving procedure should be improved, possibly restraining Dominique’s wrists and ankles during the cleaning. We are 100% sure Dominique got some satisfaction during her belted period, making it easy for her, and we don’t want that to happen again!

Anyway, in the meantime, please enjoy this test we did when Dominique was still belted. We invited her (in a long dress) to see if the thigh bands could be worn with a slightly longer chain. We tested visibility, walking ability, elegance, sitting lady-like (crossing legs), and more. It is still amazing to see Dominique in her belt, and we hope she will be locked again soon!!


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  1. Nice set and I really hope you get a deal with her! It seems this contract will be really good

  2. WONDERFULL! I hope she will be belted again and I hope also a full chastity lingerie: belt, bra, bands…have you ever thought to built or buy a chastity corset?

    • That’s just fantasy. In reality, a steel corset would be hardcore bondage, not suitable for long time weat. It would be interesting for a nice photoshot, though. I think a company named dreamsteel manufactured those corsets…

    • A Carrara chastity corset?

  3. It’s pity that guy has stepped out so fast.
    Francis had to be more insisting with the belt.

  4. The sound of the chain connecting the thigh bands make it unusable in real life setting.

    Possibly a cable attaching the bands, with a rubber coating to reduce the sound?

  5. young_engr says:

    Well that’s a long time members need to remember.(for a girl wearing metal). Does she like her new belt, better fit and more hygienic?

    As far as satisfaction goes, Why is there so much emphasis on the thigh bands if cleaning is the issue?

    What did Dominique do for cleaning before with the permanent shield and rear chains? ie If I were her mother I would not want to shave her while she was being denied.

  6. You guys should put Francis in a belt so she knows what it feels like. She sounds like she’s really cruel to her daughter.

  7. If those two do come back, could you remind them that when she does wear thigh bands, but still wants to wear those cute jeans of hers, that she can choose to do so over her belt and under the bands rather them punching holes in the legs.

    Same with your narration of cb 087 (girl in question) “could only wear dresses or skirts, no more jeans!”

    She can still pull down her pants to use the toilet and so can the rest of us males who have to sit for #1…#2 is goes without saying.

  8. Looking forward to the renewd contract. I am sure you can add some particular clauses.
    As far as those thigh bands are concerned, she should wear them more often even in public. But, to make it more bearable for her allow enough slack between the thighs. Above all the noise of the chain between the thigh bands should be minimized by attaching the eyelets of the chain permanently to the D-rings of the bands without a padlock.

  9. finally, she has come around, if on;ly she could be convinced to wear a more secure rigid style belt

  10. Her mom did get her a rigid style belt back in September while still under contract (CB 096). The rear chains on the older belt could still be lined. The more slender front part just looks hot!

  11. Greatcornbow says:

    Maybe she can have mom Francis belted as a bonus…..

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