I wonder how long this will stay up…

Donna was locked in a chastity belt for 30 days in Amsterdam! from ChastityBabes on Vimeo.

Short trailer of Donna's real life story. This 19 year old Italian girl was the first to accept our chastity deal. She received free accomodation and food in Amsterdam for 30 days, in exchange for being locked into a custom made chastity belt for the duration of her stay. It was much much harder than she anticipated… than we all anticipated… But she made it! Watch her complete story on our website! Be sure to watch the episodes in chronological order, and be ready to be dragged into her adventure!

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  1. Please share, download the video, publish it on your YouTube channels, like it on your Facebook, tweet it, and Tumblr it! Thanks!

  2. I’m thinking about opening a youtube account dedicated to females in Chastity Belts. If I do, I’ll be sure to put up this video and spread the word.

  3. Wow! I don’t know what else to say.

  4. Buckled Tight says:

    Is there anyway to download the trailer instead of just watching it as streaming media?

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