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On Donna’s last full day in chastity, we decided to fulfill another member request: we locked Donna’s wrists to the side D-rings on the belt for the whole day (until bed time). It was really interesting to see her in this limited mobility predicament. Even sitting on the bed or typing on the laptop became a very very hard task for poor Donna. But she does look cute in her little locking pink wrist cuffs!

That being said, we probably took it one step too far. This is bondage. Donna did not sign up for this. She did not enjoy this day at all (look at her expression) and all she could think about was her release, planned for the next day. In future chastity deals, it is not very likely we will do this again. Just denying a girl access to her own private parts (belt and bra, optional thigh bands) will be more than enough. This is not a bondage website, and we hope this update will not stop future candidates from applying for a chastity deal.

Our reports of Donna’s deal are coming to an end! It was a very very interesting experience to have her over for 30 days. We hope you will enjoy this final update of Donna in her belt, next week we will show you the unbelting and some questions we asked Donna after the whole deal was over! Stay tuned!

Remember the Donna updates are not shot in a studio so picture quality may vary. Member pictures and videos are not censored in any way.

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  1. LoveBondage50 says:

    I don’t understand why you placed Donna’s wrist and locked them to the side of the belt and to do it in daylight hours. The reason to cuff her wrist should have been done at bedtime, this stop her from touching herself regardless of the belt while in bed.
    I love bondage but felt you got this update all wrong.
    Like you say hope it hasn’t put off any girls coming forward to place in a belt with a contract.

    Looking forward to hearing Donna’s view’s once she released, I think may be you should get a girl’s view during the period she gets locked, like an update every 5 day’s just to understand how she feel’s?

    • To be honest we did try it overnight too. It got us some night cam footage before Donna had to call us to come and release her (not easy, using a phone!). There was no way she could get any sleep, she can not sleep on her back. We may release this footage as a bonus someday, although it is quite harsh to look at and we don’t want to put off any potential candidates for a future deal.

  2. I think anytime you put any girl in the wrist/ankle cuffs she should at least be given the option to try some bondage positions, but ENTIRELY at their discretion (since like you said, this isn’t a strict bondage website – but what is a chastity belt anyway? Hint: it’s bondage, in a way). Otherwise they’re nothing more than a bit of jewelry and have absolutely no purpose at all on this website.

  3. I must say, I am happy you put this right: it is not about bondage. This site is about chastity, well: ‘enforced’ chastity, and that should lead us into a different world of phantasy.

    We like to see your ‘girls’ not being able to touch themselves, short or long term, top or below. We want to see helpless hands stopped by solid chastity belts or chastity bras. So using cuffs is contra-productive.

    The only time – within this scenario – that I approve of the use of cuffs or -even better – a fiddle, is, when some ‘master’ or ‘mistress’ is putting the girl into her chastity outfit and she cannot do a thing about it. Okay, she may protest a little, but then you may help her along with a nice ball gag, to keep quiet. But as soon as she is in her metal underwear, she should be released again, so we can see those helpless hands fighting against her solid chastity gear!

  4. Inmates in prison are treated better than Donna in this update. How do you wipe yourself when your hands are locked away?

  5. I have to admit that I like it, but it’s probably because I started wearing a chastity belt because I was into bondage.

    I still occasionally sleep chained up, so I certainly understand Donna’s frustration. It’s hard, but it’s possible to get used to. Especially when you don’t have a choice.

    I think it’s nice that you tried it, but also nice of you to release her when she called you and asked to be released.

  6. I do wear chastity belts for up to a month at a time and have tried handcuffs but only for an hour or so. I do not think I could get use to sleep restrained.

  7. Well goodbye Donna, we miss you! ;)

  8. You should have her hand-cuffed every night from the beginning but not during the day. It makes no sense to limit her this way during the day.

  9. You’re crazy. I would pay $100/month for a site that gets just 1 model to be restrained like that for long (24 hour +) periods.

  10. David Sellmon says:

    Wow, was she eating or drinking during that time? This must have been an extremly cumbersome undertaking!

  11. David Sellmon says:

    And how did she even drop her pants for toilet visites?

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