chastity belt 

We locked Natalia Forrest in a lot of metal again! Which is ironic since she is a well known glamour adult model. Natalia is clearly not used to this situation, she really wants to be able to touch herself. Now she can not reach any of her own fun zones, there is a chastity belt and a chastity bra in the way!

The look of metal on bare skin is just amazing, especially when all the metal is locked and secure. In addition to locking away her private areas, we also added chastity style metal for her neck, wrists, and ankles. This makes for a great photo shoot, and Natalia even sees the beauty of it… for a few minutes. The metal soon starts to annoy her, frustration sets in and after about one hour we think she would have done anything to be released. Still, she was locked in these restraints for over 3 hours… a real challenge for this hot little blonde.

And then we mentioned this is not even a full chastity outfit. There is an important bit of chastity gear missing. Natalia could not work out where this last item should go. Next time it will definitely be added, to restrict her even more. Can you guess what it is? Will you post the answer below so she can read it or will we keep it a secret for her?


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  1. Natalia isn’t wearing thigh bands.

  2. Natalia dress very well in steel chastity belt and bra. She is welcome back to complement the outfit with thigh bands … Maybe even go home and sleep chastity belted one night?

  3. Natalia is looking great!! Is she missing the secondary shield??

  4. Thigh bands would be icing on the cake. If she was to get a boob job she would be a 10. Nothing crazy just a B or a small C maybe.

  5. She is not wearing the metal vaginal plug

  6. Yes,I would fasten thigh bands to her chastity belt.
    They would prevent her from spreading her legs,and making unwanted movements.If she is a virgin,which I doubt,they would also prevent her from tearing her hymen.
    And yes,it would be a good idea to add a secondary shield.We definitely dont want her to be able to masturbate

  7. She is missing thigh bands, arm bands, and a butt plug.

  8. it’S obvious you’re referring to thigh bands… still.. a consturction that prevents her mouth form being accesed.. like a small round cage around her head and neck would also “complete” a chastity outfit… but it is ovious that you meant the thigh-bands, right?

  9. I would like tight spiral bracelets on both the upper arms and ankles. Better if the upper arms are chained to the collar.

  10. “…Natalia is clearly not used to this situation, she really wants to be able to touch herself…”

    The true, original purpose of chastity belts was to prevent self-gratification. I’m happy to see at least one modern girl is wearing one to help her defeat that sin. Shame on her for needing it, but God bless her for having the Humility to put it on :)

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