chastity belt 

After locking Tess in her belt and bra and collar, I added a small spreader bar to make her life a bit harder. She still had a lot of hours to go in her chastity gear, so she wandered around the studio to help me clean up things and sort some ropes. Not easy in a spreader bar!
Tess was a great help though, she was trying her best all afternoon and she never complained once about the spreader bar. It was great to see her manage her tasks with her wrists locked to her neck. She made a drawing on the black board, she made the bed, and she untangled some ropes. All in full chastity gear and a mini spreader bar!
I don’t know why she was trying so hard, or why she returned after all these years, but I suspect she is fishing for a long term Chastity Deal to make some more cash. I think she should get one, with a LOT of Challenges, as she seems to deal with her tasks very well. Can’t wait to have her back for a longer period of time to really test her!

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  1. james smith says:

    put a spreader bar on the legs to

  2. DonnaFan says:

    Tess is very pretty, of course we want to see her longer!

    And personally, I like long-term chastity (and the frustration and lust that follows) much more than a short metal bondage photoshoots.

    IDEA: Use similar spreader bar to give a “break” to long-term chastity babes. Or an unsupervised toilet visits. So that they can’t touch themselves even when out of the belt… and watch them to squirm and get creative while trying ;)

  3. LoveSteel says:

    Great outfit, nice challenge adding that spreader bar and try to do some tasks. The fiddle and tight metal stocks would also look nice on her.

    Tess should be locked forever. Love this girl. Hope to see more of her.

    We haven’t seen Anahí for a while. Is she always in full chastity, belt, bra, and collar? Can we have an update on this also?

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