chastity belt 

Darina is back!! Remember the fun Chastity Deal we had last year, where I took her to see Amsterdam (which had been a life long dream for this girl from Russia). She is so much fun and very easy going.
She is stubborn too, so she will actually NEVER give up during a Chastity Deal, no matter what horrible challenges I throw at her. She will do it. Darina does not care, and she thinks everything is a lot of fun! Well, have I got the perfect Deal for her today! Darina will be locked in a rigid heavy steel belt and an extremely heavy collar. She will have to wear them until tomorrow if she wants her prize money. This means eating, sleeping, showering, toilet visits… The belt and collar will NOT be taken off.
Darina doesn’t seem to be nervous. She curiously examines the belt and I tell her to weigh it: 2091 grams without the main padlock. She then weighs the extreme collar: 2055 grams. The two padlocks weigh 132 grams each. That’s almost 4.5 kilograms that will be added to this girl who herself does not even weigh 50 kilograms! Darina says it’s no problem and starts to lock herself into the belt and collar.
Handing me the keys, she seems happy with the belt’s fit. It’s tight, which is good when a belt is heavy, you don’t want it to move. The collar is even tighter, that’s a bit of a concern, but again Darina tells me not to worry! She is such a happy open-minded girl! Darina will stay locked in this gear until tomorrow, so there’s plenty of time to do some fun things with her! Let’s see if she is still so positive in a few hours!


4 comment(s) to “Darina – heavy belt and heavy collar”

  1. That collar looks tight, but extremely sexy on her!

  2. That Guy says:

    Shes Cute.

    Lets put her in full chastity

  3. That collar is spectacular!

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