chastity belt 

Darina is probably the most grateful Chastity Babe ever. Even though she was locked in a tight FancySteel for the entire day, she really did not care about any conditions, she just wanted to fulfill her life long dream: to see Amsterdam!
She never would have thought her innocent email from Russia would lead to this: flights, accommodation, meals, and of course sight seeing in Amsterdam, all included in this Deal. I probably lost a bit of money there. Why do I do this? Because I can’t resist girls in chastity belts. If you are eager and you email me to get a Deal, I will probably give in at some point.
In this case, I don’t regret it for a second! Darina is one of the most cheerful, bubbly, flirty girls ever! And don’t think she did not have any troubles with the tight FancySteel, she could hardly sit down (we had to take two train rides and we ate in a restaurant), and even walking was hard to get used to. But she did not complain, in fact, she really took some risks and flashed her belt wherever she could in the heart of busy touristy Amsterdam. A lot of people saw the belt, that’s for sure!
Now Amsterdam is a city where anything goes, so no one really gets alarmed about a girl locked in a metal belt. It was actually the filming that was the hardest part. People still don’t really like cameras, even when there are hundreds of YouTubers out there filming their stunts in the city.
Darina had the best time of her life. She marveled at the coffee shops (the smell of weed), the red light district, the bikes, the wooden shoes, windmills, and tulips… everything that is cliché and touristy about Amsterdam. In her Russian accent, she just kept saying: ‘me very like Amsterdam’ and ‘very many people’. I guess she fulfilled her life long dream, and I had a great time giving her this opportunity! Don’t miss this video, it will definitely cheer you up (and give you a nice view of the city if you’ve never been here).

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  1. LoveSteel says:

    Darina is lovely and looking at the very short trousers she likes to show herself. Well done webmaster. But (again) the shiny boobs protector is also mandatory in Amsterdam. You never know what happens so you better always be prepared for everything. The belt of course really is the first necessary item to be added and the fancy steel looks great. But don’t forget the bra :)

  2. Michael says:

    This is your dream chastity babe. Please continue to give her lots of love. Did I mention hot? I love the belt flashing, “I’m a hot Russian girl. What do you think?” Darina, you are steaming hot and sexy.

    Belt flashing is more exciting than breast flashing, even though a belt locks and conceals.

    I hope Darina can get used to a belt. No one breaks a belt in. The belt breaks YOU in.

  3. Well spend money and why not give her a 30 day challenge?

  4. I love her eyes, they are addictive!

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