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United KingdomLittleRedGirl got some prison time during her Deal. It’s become a bit of a standard to lock the Chastity Babes in the cell for a few hours, so I can do other things. It keeps them out of trouble. But in LittleRedGirl’s case, she just kept playing with her belt, adjusting, moving, and pushing the plug deeper.
So I had to come in a fix that. Cuffing her wrists to the side of the belt did the trick. She wasn’t able to reach down (far enough) anymore, and she finally stopped playing around with her plug. Of course, she protested a lot about her new predicament, so I had to fix that too! A big ballgag put an end to her protests. I was even nice enough to mention that she could take out the gag if she wanted to, knowing she couldn’t reach the strap… which frustrated her even more.
LittleRedGirl is so cute! I really wanted to keep her, it was a shame she was only there for a weekend. But I was going to make sure she got the most out of her Deal. She loves bondage and predicaments, and she is a true submissive. LittleRedGirl also seemed to enjoy her vaginal plug way too much, but I let her have that pleasure. It would get frustrating after a day (especially in the morning, after a restless night), so I was confident this Deal was going to be challenging enough for her.
Doing Chastity Deals with bondage models is easy. Cobie, Pling, Ariel Anderssen, DutchDame, and many more, they just love fetish challenges. LittleRedGirl can’t really be punished with cuffs and a gag, because she loves these things too much, but it sure looks great and it is fun to see her struggling, pretending to be unhappy about her situation. We all know she loved it, and that’s why we love LittleRedGirl!!

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  1. james smith says:

    Take her bra off and pit on chastity bra on screen show her being pit in full chastity

  2. is she naked on any other sites

  3. Great addition to the babes portfolio.
    By the way, Any news on Dirty Mary?, when will she be here for her challenge?

  4. Look at her. A chastity belt with a vaginal plug locked inside her, her wrists locked securely at the sides of her belt and her unable to protest with a big ballgag in her mouth. Little Red Girl is making it almost impossible not to like her! I love it when the chastity babes are also into bondage and love being in kinky situations. It almost makes you not want to release her! ;-)

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