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WalesAfter a quick hygiene break, Sam was going to have to put her belt back on since she wasn’t even halfway her 24-hour Chastity Deal. The walk in the tight belt had made her realise how difficult it is to move around in a properly fitted belt, but things would get worse.
The photographer had laid out some thigh bands when she came out of the shower, and Sam knew she would have to go out again. The photographer seemed to have way too much fun challenging her to go outdoors. A tight belt and thigh bands for her first ever experience in a chastity belt, and then go in public… Sam mumbled ‘I certainly not expected to be doing THIS when you invited me over!’
After sealing her belt again, Sam locked her thigh bands to her belt and immediately found it was very awkward to walk in them. But there would be no more breaks, and she could not give up now. Sam struggled to get down the stairs without tripping, as the photographer filmed her bravery. Downstairs, she encountered even more problems, trying to put on her skirt, and especially her shoes, was a challenge on its own!
The photographer then told her to lock a small chain on her waist, just to symbolize to people she was belted. And they were going to meet a LOT of people, because he was taking her somewhere by TRAIN! Stay tuned for Sam’s public adventures!

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  1. Chastity prisoner says:

    This is getting better and better, also the quality of the footage. Glad to see she has to work to get the money!
    Love thigh bands because they allow the belted, female or male, to wear only skirts or dresses. For the latter this can be slightly embarrassing…:D.
    Some tips:
    -Belts are more comfortable if you use talcum powder; never see them do that in the vids.
    -Thigh bands are less noisy if you wrap the chain between the legs in duct tape, although that doesn’t look good on pictures.

  2. Mike the Director says:

    You DO realise that the British railway industry has a long-standing advertising campaign, don’t you:


    Something is going to be strained on a train in Wales, I suspect! This is a nice setup for our Celtic lady.

    Nice tough with the chain around the waist – hiding in plain sight, as it were!


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