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Wow, remember this girl? Maybe the cutest girl ever on this website? Her name was Rosie, she was from the UK, and she did this Casting back in 2014. That was one of the most popular updates at the time. Unfortunately, her health wasn’t great at the time, and even though she had fantasies about a Chastity Deal, we couldn’t make it happen, it would be too dangerous.
But now, almost 3 years later, Rosie asked for another chance. She is in perfect health now, and she is still as cute as ever! Her big eyes and sensual mouth are just so perfect in combination with her longing for submission. She wants to do more bondage, and more chastity, and she is ready now! I didn’t hesitate, I invited her over for a new Casting, just to see how she would hold up in full chastity (again).
Rosie did great, she was eager to hear all about the opportunity to make some cash with a Chastity Deal, and she moved around in a tight belt, chastity bra, thigh bands, collar, and cuffs as if had been training for this moment all of her life. I’m so glad she is back!
Let’s see what I can offer her, maybe a weekend to start with (3 days)? I don’t think we can introduce any plugs yet, but full chastity with thigh bands is already a big challenge for her! She wants some creative bondage too, and she asked to be chained by her collar most of the time. I think I can make that work. If you are a member, don’t hesitate to send in your suggestions for Rosie, or comment below! Take it easy on her, she is a bit shy and we don’t want to scare her away now she has come back all by herself.


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  1. What about just keeping her in a chastity belt and bra, chained by her collar most of the time (as she requested) and also wrists cuffed with a long enough chain between them (ancles too).

    • You mean something like with Davon. Chains only for appearance are great too.

      Oh, she wants bondage. Just perfect. Back to Davon, yeh I did like her. Remember the scene her collar was chained to the wall and mouth gagged. Try to imagine a nice complimenting ballgag, not too big, between those lips.

      Maybe get creative with the chain also. Sort one near the floor, at chest height so she cant stand nor sit but has to squat or kneel? Leave her hands and legs free so she can remember how easy it is to take her freedom?

      Could be only for photo shoot but I would prefer a longer challenge, 30min, 60min, an afternoon?

  2. Wow, it’s been 3 years since that casting? And Rosie looks even more beautiful now.

    I do prefer the belt and thigh cuffs from the casting though..

  3. LoveSteel says:

    This outfit Rosie started with is already very, very good. You could say she is properly dressed for the occasion with all this steel items. Perfect for longer deals. And she became even more beautiful also. Love it. Hope to see more of her. Well done!

  4. John and Michael mentioned Davon Kim. What ever happened to her? I miss her!!

  5. Rosie is perfect! Belt, bra, collar and a chain is all she needs for a 72 hour challenge!

  6. Small correction. She is very cute – but THE cutest is – no doubt – Anahi!!

  7. chastizer says:

    I’m glad to see Rosie back! She’s probably one of my favorite models. I’m glad to hear she’s feeling better too.

    I love the look of collar and cuffs with belt, bra and thigh bands, especially when mixed with everyday clothing. This casting call set is near perfect. Maybe some full-oufit outdoor stuff? I love seeing well dressed women who look professional but with a touch of kink. Maybe go out to the park or to a crowded store, or maybe send her on an errand and have her record herself driving/shopping/making deliveries with her phone. It would be interesting to see people’s reactions (if any) if they can hear her chains under her clothes, or if they notice the collar or cuffs peeking out.

    My only gripe is that I just don’t care for this particular belt or thigh bands. I really liked the ergonomic belt and bands she used originally, way back when. They really looked nice on her. I’ve never liked the dual-lock belt or these particular thigh bands. They look like prototypes and lack the refinement of some of the newer, nicer belts. Maybe vary the belts? Maybe some Fancysteel or Access Denied now that they have returned from the dead?

    As for unique bondage ideas – do you think any of your belts, bras, cuffs, etc are physically sound enough for a chained suspension? I know the old Neosteel belts had integrated locking posts all around them, but I’m not sure the D-links would be strong enough to support a person’s weight. I would look amazing though if possible.

    • To the contrary, this is definitely my favorite belt—the double padlock. But I agree you on the thigh bands, definitely the other ones which go lower look nicer. Maybe she could wear them with just a lock and no chain and go to a shopping mall? But KEEP THIS BELT!

  8. shes missing the Bra to Belt chains

  9. I have had a crush on this goddess for a long time. I wish I could meet her.

  10. Not that it’s unique, but a rigid fiddle always looks nice on women. Maybe even a pillory? Of course, leg irons are a must. How about handcuffing her wrists together so she could use her phone, but shackling her leg to bed? Ball gag helps too.

  11. Wow. What a combination of looks, locks and charm.

    I believe the colloquial term is “wife material”.


    More of Rosie please.

  12. Rosie is without doubt the CUTEST and PRETTIEST model you ever had. PLEASE try to convince her for a third (and longer) visit, with some extra challenges(did I say plugged ?). Also, she looks so young and shy that a mother/daughter scenario (like you did in the past) would be really a great and stimulating idea. Anyway, GET HER BACK !

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