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Dirty Mary is 100% submissive. She is locked in her belt quite a lot, and she never protests. She just knows she has to serve her Master very well to deserve a chance of having the belt removed to get a reward (orgasm). But she isn’t focused on her own pleasure, all she wants to do is please her Master.
To earn the unlocking of her chastity belt, Mary knows there is only 1 thing that Master loves most: a blowjob. If she manages to give him a few satisfying blowjobs, he might unlock her belt to give her an orgasm too. But usually it takes a few days and quite a few blowjobs to earn this privilege. Master knows that Mary gets excited by serving him in this way, so the tension is building and building during those days.
Mary is very good at this task, and she just looks very stunning in her tight belt. She is just such a perfect housewife, submissive, and chastity babe! Everyone in the world should own a Mary, but unfortunately there is only one and she lives in Finland. And she already has a Master. That’s why I asked this couple to film their lifestyle for us, so we can at least enjoy their unique dynamic through videos on this website!
A first for, I know. And there may be some resistance or disgust on this update, but I think it is a very important part of a chastity relationship, where a girl in chastity can still use her mouth to earn her way out of the belt. It is a beautiful D/s update, and it should be respected and admired!

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  1. When that man is in a chastity belt too it might be fun. But this update I do not like at all. Sorry.

  2. The perfect housewife. Love your master no matter what and he’ll love you forever. Sex anytime, anywhere and a BJ anytime is a sign of a good woman.

    I notice there’s rings on the side of your belt? When are you going to wear handcuffs? You’d look hot in handcuffs giving a blow job. Every day should start the same way. :-)

    Looks like your husband is shaved. Everyone should shave the swimsuit area.

  3. Why is not Mary waring a cage on her facebook site? No picture

    • Her facebook wasn’t updated in a few months. Follow her on FetLife or Twitter or Tumblr, you are more likely to see her in her belt there. Although this couple loves a lot of other fetishes too, they don’t use the belt all the time.

    • MyFacebook -page is currently inactive. I use other social medias more.

  4. My comment on this is censored? Are we only allowed to praise and not to comment? I don’t like this post on a chastity site with a naked penis being sucked. If it is fully covered in a steel chastity belt then it is fine. But now you went too far. But since we apparently may not criticize probably this comment will rejected again. In that case it is goodby and you will never see and hear me again ever.

    • Relax :) I just didn’t approve your comment yet. Now I did.
      I was on my way to the airport to pick up a model (Lauren Crist), I do other things besides managing the site, like shooting and taking care of models who are in their Deals.

  5. Yes, it is explicit, but isn’t the closeup look during a plug insertion very explicit, too?
    Let’s face it, life is all about sex, and I love this update!

  6. As a long time subscriber (many years), I like this update. I hope you will continue to provide a variety of updates (deals, fantasy, posed shoots, etc.).

  7. Can’t understand those complaining. To me it is only logical. Whether some of you like it or not, “chastity belts” would be rated “porn” anyway by most people who are not into that fetish. Or worse – some don’t even get that this is fetish and want to drag you into a political discussion about freedom an women’s rights or if they’re less idealistic ask you what ever happenned to you that made you so jealous.
    Long story short. In most people’s eyes, this is the rated R stuff anyway. So why not resort to everything, the rated R stuff has to offer?

    There are thousands of chasity lovers out there. Male chastity Cages have made it to etc. So how come there is no good “female chastity porn” on the internet? If “real” porn involves female chastity belts they are either unlocked or poorly fitted so that the wearer can have sex anyway. So if there’s one day going to be good “female chastity belt porn” out there, why shouldn’t it be made by Ed?

    Just an idea – if some of the stuff on your website is too explicit for some of your visitors, why not have a third one for the more explicit stuff? Sure, you’d need actors for that kind of content and they’d be – I guess – way more expensive than models but on the other hand, some of your models have already done a great job as actors and some of them actually are actors who model for you. So you don’t lack the connections

  8. Personally I think it’s a great update and wish there were more like this. A Chastity belt is a sexual item so I am unsure as to why some are disliking this update.

    • So true. Anybody who thinks different should aks themselves why people visit this site anyway. I bet that 99% of those who come here watch porn anyway. We are here for sexual entertainment. Let’s ebrace it and not hate it.

  9. It is nice to see the site evolve and change. Mary has a gorgeous body and it is good to see her earn her release. Well done.
    My favorite all time clip was watching Natalia Forrest break down in tears. The girls are paid actresses in a safe environment, if they get pushed a bit beyond their comfort zones and get a bit queazy and emotional, well emoting is what we pay to see.

    I would like to see some kneeling on rice and written punishments. The girls should realize that this isn’t just acting, it is about a commitment and realistic role play.
    Kudos to Mary, she is a sweetheart.

  10. Great Set! Finally! Exactly what I wanted, a chastised submissive being a chastised submissive… If only we could get more… I’m actually tempted to join again.

  11. Robbedoes101 says:

    Translated from my native Dutch language (I hope I can capture my main point(s) and feelings towards this in English) my story about this video/picture-set would be as follows:

    To me any chastity device and/or deal is about trying to get your spouse/key-holder in to such a state as to where he/she is satisfied/proud and/or even aroused enough by your behavior to; temporarily, release you from your chastity device in order to relieve yourself from your own arousal which has been building up over time whilst wearing your chastity belt or other device.

    There are multiple ways of accomplishing this with one of them being exactly what Mary here is trying very hard to do with her Master.
    To me it is not important on how some people might find it offensive or dislike it…. You will ALWAYS have people or groups opposing to the way someone is trying to achieve her/his goal of being released from any chastity device, even on using them at all…. But that is not the case with the people being in this site I hope, otherwise:….. choose different sites to go to.
    It’s the actual determination of the person involved to please the key-holder enough in the end to earn release; at least for a while if at all possible.

    Ed, in my eyes, chooses to bring up and show all sides of the “belted” life stories which might occur in RL (as long as he can afford them to be used for this site of course. LOL)

    So to the people who don’t like this kind of video’s and/or pictures:…. just skip to the next update(s) or story(ies) which might “suit” you better.
    To the people who DO like these kinds of updates and/or life-styles: enjoy this update and “keep your fingers crossed” for more of them.

    I’m very unfortunate to have had my subscription expire due to personal reasons but I still enjoy this site to bits and very much look forward to seeing each weeks updates, even though only the “short” versions without actual videos or pictures are available to me at the moment.

    Keep up the good work Ed, I will definitely join you again ASAP.

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