chastity belt 

With almost no sleep because of the big plug inside of her, Kerry was incredibly frustrated the next day. She kept trying to get her fingers under the belt and under the bra, so I had to cuff her wrists to the sides of the belt. I also chained her ankles, making her chastity outfit more and more complete.
I had to do some work, so I stuck her in the prison for a while, but Kerry just wouldn’t stop calling… shouting ‘hello?? hellooooooo?’ all the time. It really got very annoying. After a while, I just got in there and added a tight ballgag. Locking the gag with a padlock would make sure she couldn’t take it out. Well, her hands were cuffed anyway, but with Kerry you can never be too sure. She is a bondage loving escape artist! She may look cute and she is young, but she is an experienced bondage girl!
Gagged and frustrated, Kerry was in the prison for several hours. At least she was a lot more quiet now. I was wondering how much longer she would be able to take the plug. She never even complained about it once. She walked without problems, she could bend over, sit down, even lie down and sleep (a little). Amazing! Nylon is a very good material for plugs, it slides easily when wet. Maybe that was helping Kerry deal with this predicament.
So no problems physically yet, although mentally I could see some incredible frustration, Kerry was dying to touch herself, but there was no way she could. I wonder if Kerry would survive a long term Chastity Deal. Having her in the prison, plugged and in full chastity plus a locked gag, was awesome fun though. Such a fun young girl to have around, and there were a few days left to go!

Plug status: still inside Kerry, proof is in the video, check it out!

By the way, if you want to spend a few hours in this prison, check out the opportunities at You can even have Anahí as your prison guard!

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  1. What a fun way to be handcuffed (especially if already belted & more so with a toy in you) Isn’t it?

  2. Kerry has a good life. She is safe now.

  3. I love Kerry, and I also love how tight everything is. The chastity belt and the bra are tight, the collar seems pretty tight and the wrists and ancle cuffs are tight as well. Not to mention the gag ;)

    Kerry is my dream girl…

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