chastity belt 

English dialogueA Fantasy update, based on a script that was sent in by a member! Thank you very much for this! This member wanted to see real frustration, and who better to ask for this custom video than the beautiful Natalia Forrest, who gets incredibly frustrated and horny every time she is locked into a chastity belt!
Business woman Natalia Forrest comes home from a long day at the office. She is very tired and stressed, and she just wants to relax. She knows what will make her feel better: touch herself!! She slowly takes off her business outfit, playing with her nipples, and getting really into it… only to realise she is locked in a chastity belt! She totally forgot about the belt her husband put her in this morning! And he is not coming home any time soon!
Natalia tugs at the locks, but they won’t budge. She panics and starts to go through stages of fear, sadness, anger, and despair. Natalia even gets a nail file from her purse to try and file through the locks! She really is THAT desperate to touch herself. No luck though, the belt is sturdy and tight, there is no way she can open it until her husband comes home with the keys.
Sobbing and frustrated, Natalia realises all she can do is wait… getting more and more horny by the minute! Don’t miss this update, it is really good!


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  1. No comments? Well i guess i have to correct that. Natalia is the prettiest and sexiest model of this website! She never fails! Not this time either….

  2. Natalia is so cute and I can hardly believe that she was act. More a real reaction!

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