Merry Christmas to everyone!! Me and my studio assistant wish you all a very relaxed (and belted) Christmas holiday!! Stay locked!
Get yourself the best Christmas gift ever: JOIN now to support our goal: ALL girls should be locked ALL the time! It’s really very cheap!

6 comment(s) to “Merry Christmas from Anahi!!”

  1. Merry Christmas Anahi and Webmaster.

  2. Also a Merry Christmas back to you.
    This is sooo lovely.

  3. Wow. Anahi’s belt is extra tight. Comfortable belts are tight. I love Anahi’s warm greeting and sexy accent. Spoil this girl as long as she’s belted. She looks like nothing but fun.

  4. Hope you kept her locked up as a Christmas Bonus lol

  5. Anahi also wears vaginal plug?

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