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MexicoSo you have seen my studio assistant Anahí in the holiday Deal with Natalia Forrest (and also briefly at BoundCon in this video). This cute Mexican girl now works for me in my studio, hosting models, photographers, fans (for meet and greets with Chastity Babes), and chastity enthusiasts (who want to purchase a belt). She is also a set dresser, painter, cleaner, and much more! Last but not least, she takes care of resident pet slave Davon when I am not there. A good assistant is worth gold, and Anahí certainly is the best and sweetest assistant ever!
In Madeira, on the holiday trip, we found out she was a perfect fit for Donna’s old red My-Steel belt. It is super tight on Anahí and there is no way she can even get her fingers between the belt. She loves it! And that’s a good thing, because from now on, whenever she is working in my studio, she will be locked in this belt. It keeps her focused on her tasks (I hope) and it will also help to reassure new models, seeing another girl already belted.
This is her formal introduction to you (the members) and you will absolutely love her energy and sparkle! In this video, I surprise her with a custom made high security collar and custom made wrist cuffs. Anahí will also have to wear these items when she works for me. This means I can cuff her to anything (even to the sides of her belt), and connect her collar to anything, to keep her focused on her tasks.
Please don’t think it is slavery or abuse of an employer-employee relationship, feel free to ask Anahí whenever you see her, she will tell you she absolutely loves to be locked in this metal gear! She is even thinking about accepting another Deal soon, so she can wear the belt home, and be challenged to see how long she can go without touching herself! She is so much more kinky than she looks :D If you have any questions for Anahí, post them below (I will publish her Twitter and email a bit later).


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  1. slavelabor says:

    Who makes the collar and cuffs? Anahi you look fabulous and i can’t wait to see more updates with you as the star.

  2. Anahi you look fabulous! I am looking forward to seeing you in the belt at home as well. Also on the days you are not working, so I’m hoping you will sign up for a long deal.

  3. Oh I forgot to mention that I also wear a chastity belt while at work, and sometimes at home as well. When you sign up for a deal I promise to stay locked up while you are. Just need to find a way to keep the keys out of reach during that time.

  4. Oh my god – another reason to go to Holland!! She is fantastic!
    Where is that collar from ?? Look like sm-factory – and then not in the detail..

  5. From the moment i saw Anahi for the first time.
    I wondered if she would be model for this website.

  6. I even offered some money to the webmaster to buy her a chastity belt. Now it finally happened. And i even met her at boundcon. This were two dreams comming true.
    My offer is still valid. The webmaster could buy something else for her.

  7. Anahi looks great in her chastity belt, tall collar & cuffs. She is friend and is on chrissy web page a lot. Anahi wears handcuffs a lot their love that page too, hope anahi signs up for a deal & try’s on a chastity bra too.

  8. Has Anahi left cuffgirl then? If so she will be missed there… Love Chrissy but adore Anahi!

  9. Love the collar. Looks so nice, tight, and strong. Love the cuffs to and the belt of course. Well done webmaster! But please add a matching steel bra.

  10. I am in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, come lock me, I am waiting for you

  11. Great red heels matching the red belt! Even being a chastity star, Donna never learned to use heels to her advantage.

    Strong introduction, keep it up!

  12. I’ve never seen cuffs that locked like that before, with the dual pin style keys. Were do you get them?

  13. so Dominique doesn’t have to do everything…

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