chastity belt 

English dialogueIt was the last night for Lola at the apartment. Locked in her NeoSteel belt with 2 nylons plugs inside her, she was trying to complete a 72-hour Chastity Deal. And it was too easy!! Lola loves plugs and I had not foreseen that. How can it be easy for someone to have two plugs inside for 3 days!! I was annoyed it was so easy on her. But wow it looked hot, I was very intrigued and I checked in on her (in the apartment) way more than I should have.
She was just doing fine! Spending this last night in her belt was the only thing she had to do to get the cash, and I tried to make it harder for her by offering her the keys. Dangling the keys in front of her, telling her she could be unlocked right now, and be free of the belt and those horrible plugs. But Lola wouldn’t have any of it. She told me to go away while she figured out more ways to excite herself (humping on the bed made both plugs move in and out, and with a fingernail she could just touch herself). Fortunately, it wasn’t enough to get her any satisfaction, but she just did it to annoy me even more.
Damn this redhaired plugloving flexible girl! She got me, and she knew it. Lola was just waiting to get her cash in the morning and she would certainly gloat about it. While a double plugged Chastity Deal is very hard on most girls, I really need to come up with a harder Challenge if I am going to make another Deal with Lola ever again. I am thinking a reward-punishment system with a vibrating vaginal plug and an electro shocking anal plug (both on remote control of course), so I can keep her focused and wipe the grin off her face when I feel it is too easy. But for now, Lola won…

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  1. Did she have a walk (or a run) outdoor with both plugs?
    You should ask your model to deliver a parcel in a sex shop… Have a chat with customers… Try to buy some cloth to wear with a belt and a bra…

  2. slavelabor says:

    Larger plugs, mittens or a yoke so she can’t use her hands, thigh bands locked together, throw in a chastity bra and heavy duty collar just for good measure.

  3. She’s quite amazing, and so comfortable with it. A true chastity belt ambassador in the way that she proves it is not a big deal to be belted, not even with plugs, with the right mind set. Quite astonishing.

    She can definitively take a more tight fitting belt so she can not reach to scratch, and much thicker plugs next time =)

  4. Mr Furstration says:

    Wonderful. Plugged deals are fantastic. I really think you should challenge Lola to a long term plugged deal – i.e. months. Of course problem is you couldn’t leave her with a locked butt plug but perhaps a removable one with some kind of system where you can ask her to send you a photograph at any time to prove she is still wearing it. Of course the vaginal plug could, and for her should be locked in 24/7 for many months at a time as she goes about her normal life.

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