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English dialogueWelcome to ‘ChastityBabes storage wars’, presented by the lovely Cobie! I bought a huge storage unit full of miscellaneous stuff at an auction at the start of this year. A lot of things I could use for my studio, other things I sold, but there is still a big pile of stuff left over, hidden in a room in the studio that says ‘PRIVATE. Do not enter.’
Of course, Cobie wanted to know what was inside, because she was kind of bored on the last day of her Chastity Deal. It was nude handcuff day, so I was NOT bored, but Cobie needed something interesting to do. Her hands cuffed to the sides of her NeoSteel belt (like always on the last day of her Deal), and no clothes allowed, Cobie thought it would be nice to present you with an episode of ‘ChastityBabes storage wars’.
She was just curious of course, because of the sign on the door. I followed her with a camera to see what she would discover. It really is a strange mix of stuff, brand new children’s toys, old sex toys, fetish clothing, books, antiques, you name it! Cobie had a great time browsing the items, but it was a little hard, since everything was on the floor and she can not reach the floor very easily with her wrists cuffed to her belt. Still, she seemed to have no problem hosting this episode for you. She even switched on the light, when I thought the light switch would be too high for her. Looks like Cobie is getting used to nude handcuff day! Next time I will cuff her more often (also for a night, even though she would REALLY hate that).
Please enjoy Cobie’s adventure into the forbidden room, and have a look around! Most of the stuff is still there as you read this, so if you see anything you would like to buy (for a very low price), send me a message! I need to clear this room and sell everything, so I can build another kinky room in my studio to host more Chastity Babes!

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  1. Michael says:

    Maybe Cobie loves being handcuffed! Can you place leg irons on her too?

    • I am quite sure she loves handcuffs :D And leg irons too!

      • We love them too, webmaster! We love seeing Coby securely cuffed to the sides of her chastity belt, so that she feels both vulnerable in such a bondage position but also very protected (in another way) as well! So you mentioned that she was cuffed at her last day, how long was she in these cuffs attached to her belt though? Surely, she couldn’t have stayed like that all day…

  2. roadie12 says:

    a great day for all the site viewers

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