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As requested, more footage from Cobie’s cuffed day! I just received the key to the new studio space next door, so we went and did a little tour with Cobie’s wrists cuffed to her chastity belt. Of course, I allowed her to get dressed first, because we had to go outside, briefly unlocking her handcuffs (but only for a few minutes).
Cobie is such a natural in any bondage, I bet you will forget that she is actually handcuffed to her chastity belt while you are watching this video! It all seems so easy to her! Even though the light switches are all very high up (at collar level), Cobie manages to guide us through the new space with apparently no effort at all. She has to switch on the lights in every room, go up and down a dangerous staircase, and open doors. She really should be cuffed forever! And belted of course, but that goes without saying. The fun thing is: she would agree!
Part of the new space will be converted into living space, to welcome more girls who want to do Chastity Deals. It will have a comfortable living room for Chastity Babes to hang out, a nice kitchen, office, and a shower. The bedrooms are already in the other part of the studio. Coming over to Holland for a Chastity Deal has never been so attractive! I know a lot of girls have been writing me to get a Deal, but I could only house one at the time, and not all the time. This new space is much better, in addition to the apartment, so I can offer more long term Deals and host several girls at the same time!
Write me if you are interested in doing a Chastity Deal (anywhere between a weekend to a month). Flights are paid! There’s money (or a belt) to be earned, and it is a lot of fun! Yes, it is a big challenge too, but you will learn so much about yourself!

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  1. Mike the Director says:

    What a wonderful new space you have, for your growing business. And what a knowledgeable and flexible guide you had, to show us around the new space.

    As you know, I favour your models who are belted under vanilla clothing in normal “work/real-life” environments; Cobie’s contribution to today’s update is an excellent example of how a belted (and restrained) lady can, if determined, get about her day-to-day activities.

    Will you have a Reception desk built at the entrance, to allow a suitably-restrained Receptionist to welcome her visitors to the new working space?

    Well done, one and all!


  2. Please turn it into the new home for cobie

  3. Just wait until i have bought my medieval castle! With “quarters” (dungeons) in both the basement and the towers! If you want to you can manage it for me. =)

  4. What’s Cobie’s twitter account link? I love her enthusiasm.

  5. Cobie is the perfect chastity babe!

    She should be kept in chastity all the time =)

  6. Such a shame it’s only “more girls who want to do Chastity Deals”. It’d be so awesome to take part in a deal, but unfortunately nature has gifted me with the wrong sex :(

  7. a guided tour to site of more anticipated updates

  8. To all who love Cobie as much as i do, i left a tweet on her twitteraccount asking which section of the new chastitybabes hq would become her new home and asking her to come back.
    Well, she answered back!!!, saying I HOPE I WILL BE BACK IN MAY!!
    Till then, counting the days, can not wait, love this girl!

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