chastity belt 

With her last remaining strength, Natalie managed to climb the stairs to her bedroom and roll into bed. Walking bow legged for a day wasn’t even the worst part, she thought! The worst part was definitely having her wrists restrained to her belt, and the tight chastity bra wasn’t helping either.
Still, the whole setup was effective, because Natalie didn’t think about sex or pleasure even once during her Chastity Deal! She did not even try to test the belt’s crotch area, it just didn’t come to mind because of all the heavy metal locked onto her taking up her full concentration to walk and move.
The final Challenge was for her to get some real sleep in this full chastity outfit with thigh spreader bar. A sleep in bondage, you might say, because her ankles and wrists were still chained. Amazingly, she was so tired that she managed to get a few hours of sleep! The night camera caught her restless attempt, as she tried to find the best position to sleep in.
All of the belted girls I have seen sleeping so far were sleeping on their backs, they often say it is the only way to sleep (especially when they are locked in a chastity bra), but Natalie slept in all kinds of poses, and she even seemed to prefer lying on her stomach!! She is a real trooper, even though she did not manage the 2 days we were going for!
Natalie does not live too far from me, and she has asked me to tell you that she is available for custom (private) shoots in chastity. You can set her challenge, outfit, location, even bondage, and she will let me film and photograph it for you. If you want to order an exclusive (yes, for your eyes only) custom picture set or video clip with Natalie, just email me at!

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  1. the savage says:

    very nice set up mr web master

  2. Was je optreden bij spuiten en slikken leuk????.
    Natalie was seen on dutch national television.

  3. is she Natalie Forest?

    • No, Natalie is Natalie from Holland. Natalia Forrest is also on this website, she is from the UK and has done many updates for

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