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Watching this update will make you happy! Why? Well, Ruth is definitely one of our most likeable girls, happy, smiling, even a little crazy. In her casting, she was locked in a chain style belt, and (since she neglected to read the contract before signing) we now have her for 48 hours!

Of course, Ruth has to eat in those two days. We can not let her go hungry. She wanted to go to a well-known fast food chain to have a salad, the healthy option. So that’s where we went for a crazy lunch! Ruth was a little shy at the start, while we were trying to encourage her to show her belt in public. After a while, Ruth started taking lots of risk of being seen (not to mention these kinds of restaurants are full of security cameras), walking through the restaurant, and posing in front of people who were completely unaware of what was going on. She IS crazy!

Filling her stomach made the belt visibly tighter on her waist, especially after she decided to have a coffee and donut, and then some more drinks. She could barely move at the end, because she ate too much. Top tip: when locked in a belt, eat tiny bits during the day, not big meals!

This was only the start of the funny things we did with Ruth, locked in her belt. She took it all with this huge smile of hers, and in very good spirit. Again: you will love this really public update, check it out!


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  1. I love it. She really seems to enjoy being kinky and the thrill of “getting caught”. I am looking forward to seeing more sets of her in the future.

  2. Pretty girl, and happy. I like her… but in old time in this website, sometimes the ladies used to wear tigh bands and this kind of things.. ;)

  3. Did I hear thigh bands and bra? ;)

  4. I think that being recently belted, Ruth is still in a state of shock and awe; later on she will not notice as much

  5. well since eating a lot makes the belt TIGHTER, which is BETTER, I suggest during the last 2 hrs she should be forced to drink litres of water,so that her stomach expands and makes the belt tighter which is fun !! If she doesnt comply then she should be threatened that the belt will stay on until she wills !!

  6. Would it be possible that we see Ruth again?


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