chastity belt 

While filming Satin Bloom on the catwalk, she was actually belted much longer than needed. She was locked for 4 hours, although the shoot could have been done in two. We told her there were some problems, first with the lights, then with the music… Satin got very bored, and she eventually asked to be unlocked for a break, to go outside and call her friend.

Of course, we did not unlock her, but she was allowed to go on our roof to make a phone call. This made Satin very unhappy somehow, but she reluctantly went upstairs into the cold evening breeze. Like we noticed before, it is very unnatural for Satin to be locked in a chastity belt. She is a really seductive and spoiled type of girl, with an incredibly hot body that she likes to use to tease men. All of this sexual power is now locked away, and we are holding the simple little key that makes her very unhappy.

You can see Satin does not really smile anymore in this update, she tries to get out of the belt, giving it some of the hardest tugs and pulls we have ever seen. But the rigid belt can not be destroyed by hand, and Satin gets even more frustrated as she tells her friend she is stuck on a rooftop in a stupid chastity belt. We think Satin is a good candidate for a 14 day contract, although that might kill her, because she lives to have sex!!


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  1. She still has her sexual power in abundance. Hence her being here.

  2. I think it’s funny Satin complained to her friend she was locked in a [sexy] chastity belt. Maybe her friends needs to be belted.

  3. Wow… good text… an nice photos… but the text is what stunnes me… this is how you sell this page! Keep it up!

  4. Satin! You came back! It’s nice to see you here again! :)

  5. Poor Satin must have chastity belt on, and frustrated find it´s impossible to remove … LOL

  6. Satin is great, never have I been more excited watching someone make a phone call. I would love to see one (or more) of the girls in either a cheerleader or school girl outfit.

  7. perhaps she could convince her friend to come along somnetime and be belted too

  8. I would be belted in a heartbeat plus I would go for 60 days not 4 hours

    • keyholder says:

      Brittany, did you know that they offer a 30-day chastity belt deal challenge at this website? You get free room and board but are belted for 30 days. You even get to keep the belt. Though, I doubt you could last 1 hour let alone 30 days ;)

    • So… Brittany… DO IT!!!!

  9. I love the combination with her “regular” belt that´s also “silver”.

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