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The only night in Jenni C’s 36 hour chastity challenge was interesting! Jenni C is a fighter, something that many of you will love to see! When she realised she had to go to bed wearing a chastity belt, thigh bands, and a chastity bra, she tried everything to get the gear off her!

She knew it was impossible, because she already tried during the day (several times!), but the prospect of having to sleep in thisĀ full chastity outfit was a little too much for poor Jenni! She struggles and pulls at the chain locking her upper legs together, at the bra that is so tight that it will not give an inch (yes, her own boobs are preventing her from sliding the bra up or down!), and at the dual padlocks on her waist belt. Nothing gives, we are glad to report that our chastity outfit is Jenni-proof!

In the end, there is no other option for Jenni than to go to sleep. She hates us, but she should not complain, she gets a nice reimbursement for this chastity deal, so we don’t feel guilty at all for locking her up for 36 hours!


13 comment(s) to “Good night, Jenni!”

  1. Jenni is literally stunning, her beauty renders me speechless at times.

  2. I wish I looked just half a stunning as she does. She’s a real beauty.

  3. anonymous keyholder says:

    Gosh, there is nothing like a girl fighting her chastity prison. Especially someone as gorgeous as Jenni.

    It says in the preview that Jenni fought her belt during the day, will you be posting some of these updates as well?

  4. Jenni might actually be the reason for me, to sign up, once again. I’m entirely shure, she is worth any reimbursement you pay her and more, so you better be nice to her ;-)
    There are two more things, I’d like to say with a twinkeling eye:
    1. Jenni is simply too hot to run arround without that outfit, ever.
    2. Jenni is so hot, I’d prefer a night with a belted Jenni (full outfit if need be) over a night with any other girl, who’s not wearing a belt at all.

  5. chastityman says:

    When a new “belt bound girls” become a chastitybabe ?

    This girls is so cute:

    – Chestnut
    – Leyla Gold
    – Olga
    – Inga
    – Claudia

  6. Iceman2436 says:

    A truly great update I really love the way Jenni fights with her chastity outfit.
    Such a beautiful lady needs to be kept under lock and key.

  7. She believed that the keys were under the cushions? :)

  8. Jenni C is quite attractive when she fights against the chastity gear locked on her

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