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We just had to try this, one of the most popular member requests: to see a Chastity Babe try on a belt with a plug inside. Trying to cater to all tastes is proving to be more difficult as the website grows, but we are doing our very best!

We did not have much trouble convincing Natalia Forrest to try this, although she was a little hesitant at first. The heavy and solid metal insert is kept in place by a replacement secondary shield, one that is slotted instead of perforated. The slot means the plug can move back and forth, but it can not be removed unless the secondary shield padlock is opened. The sliding means that this belt can be worn for daily activities, which is quite impossible with fixed plug belts, since bending over changes the position of the body and the plug should be able to change its angle accordingly.

After admiring this clever design, Natalia wastes no time to put the belt on herself. She is very good at belting herself now, and she even realises the plug has to go in first, before putting on the waist belt. Good girl!
Natalia’s comments make this video very nice to watch, she tells us exactly what she is feeling and thinking, and how the plug moves inside her as she carefully tries walking and sitting down. The hardest part is putting her boots back on, because lifting her leg pushes the insert deeper inside her.

Torn between discomfort and pleasure, we can clearly see Natalia has not yet made up her mind about the metal inside her, but we are sure she will get used to it after a few more tries and updates. That is, if you (the members) want to see more plugging. As always, comments are welcome below!


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  1. She is SSSSSOOOOOO Hot!! She was about to EXPLODE at the end of the video!!

    Here is a suggestion for you.. Full chastity set-up (belt, bra, and thigh bands), while plugged, and with restraints (hand attached to belt), collar, and e-stim!! She would wilt before all of us in a matter of seconds!

  2. She is awesome for trying new things. If she enjoys dildos then here is an new idea.

    A remote controlled vibrator. Take her out for a stroll. Play with the remote buttons and watch her reactions. You have the remote, not her, of course.

  3. Or better yet, with the vibrator left on. See how she struggles to get it off if its getting to be too much :-)

  4. Better yet Franks idea reminds me of a scene out on a city street with an ErosTek ET-302R, a vaginal egg shaped electrode, and a clitoral vibe all ticked under a girls panties. The electrode made her climex in no time, with or without the vibe.

  5. Pokemon says:

    Insanly hot!!!

  6. Well, one plug is good…as a starter.

    But it could be even better if she had another one filling her butt as well.

  7. You should get a locking remote controlled electric butt plug like the Neosteel Remote Controlled Education Shield (google it)

    It would be amazing to see the look on a model’s face as they receive a random zap in the butt!

    Make the model perform a chore and when they do it incorrectly you can educate them ;-)

  8. roadie12 says:

    This way, Natalia may not be so quick to want the belt to come off, which may lead to the possibility of longer belted sessions

  9. wow,
    I think this would be my long-time favourite update;) It seems that Natalia enjoy the situation,so i think she needs to be plugged and belted more often :)
    My idea: put her in belt with a plug (remote plug also good idea) and maybe chastity bra, put some nice clothes on, take her for a little walk/shopping in the city center, watch reaction :)

  10. chastityman says:

    Good update. But I regret that chastity belts are not put in force by another person. A friend, mother or boss …

    • We have different tastes. I love watching a girl lock herself up. Of course, someone else must be holding the keys.

  11. If you or your dom are planning for you to wear a plug long term in this way,You shoul make sure that fluids can still pass (as permitted) around or through it. You should also clean it regularly as you would any urethral sound.

  12. znarfznarf says:

    a scenario i can’t get tired of.
    this is a scenario i love realizing.
    the girl knowingly locks herself up in a cb with a remoted controled vibrating sex toy locked in her pussy.
    I haven’t had the pleasure to get a girls ready to do it in both pussy and ass that might be great to see.
    she then gags herself putts the key to the cb round her neck and locks herself in hand cuffs behind her back.
    she may turn the device on or not and wait for her tormentor to come along not letting her be able to call out for help.
    ad in a few extras in bondage gear and it will get reealy fun.
    mainly once you get a model to cum or very excited and just let her on the brink of cumming , Great scene to see a girl trying to get off with a cb on ;-)

  13. Plugged_inSteel says:

    FINALLY we get to see what was missing in! Plugged under steel chastity! That video alone is enough to subscribe!

    I will echo what many said earlier: One plug is an excellent starter for her and a very good teaser for us. But these steel chastity belts are designed to secure two (2) plugs on their slots! One steel vaginal dildo at the front and one steel Butt Plug at the rear! (and this is how I’m currently belted myself)

    I look forward to see more double-stuffed girls in steel chastity! For some reason, they look A LOT more exciting!

    NOTE: The steel plug that Natalia Forrest inserted in her chastity belt is for the anal slot. It’s way too big to be used as a vaginal dildo. For the front, it’s preferable to use a steel mini-plug that will be loose to wiggle inside her pussy with any movement she makes!

    • It depends of what type of insert wearer likes or is being punished with. And if you would like to be filmed, You certainly fit the criteria. And I’m sure a every one here would love for you to show them how its done;)

    • Chastityboy says:

      Due to obivious reasons, I can only use one plug. It’s the same Natalia had for this session.
      But I think the bigger the plug, the bigger the fun for her.
      I’d love to have a belt for my girlfriend, but she is not into any fetishes. So I have my belt in secret, and wear occasionally.

      • Plugged_inSteel says:

        There are some full-fledged continuous-crotch MALE steel chastity belts that secure TWO plugs, such as model “T-3 Male Steel Chastity Belt” that I’m currently locked with. Butt Plug is being secured on the Anal Slot and an anatomically shaped hollow Urethral plug is integrated inside the Arched Penis Tube.

        Feeling is just about the same as being portrayed by Natalia Forrest in the video above: Lifting a leg or lean forward to lace boots is extremely arousing as the urethral plug thrusts the penis deep inside.

        Like in the movie, the metal i-Bolt Plug IS felt as slides along the metal conductive bands to realign itself with the ever changing body flex giving pleasurable feelings. In addition, the plug’s tip being exposed underneath is extremely prone of either being rubbed or cached against clothes till it suddenly “springs-back” to position (and hang you to the edge). Otherwise the plug will resonate each time any part of the belt’s surface is being bumped or touched. There’s also a natural tendency (almost an urge) to fiddle with the Plug’s exposed pin… because the plug automatically shifts to place to adapt with body position, it will never wiggle. So the only way to make it to wiggle in the ass is to reach down and drive the bolt along the slot… very pleasurable!

        There’s no doubt that being securely stuffed under chastity belt it’s both extremely pleasurable and extremely frustrating that can easily overwhelm or make you wet in no time if you push your luck!

  14. Wow! What a great update!

    That was the reason why I singned up!
    Please provide more like this…

    Many thanks for that and best wishes…

    • Plugged_inSteel says:

      That’s the only video that made me to sign up.

      I look forward to renew provided I see more babes plugged under steel chastity, preferably locked with both a vaginal dildo and butt plug… and heading out in public, or trying to catch some sleep!

  15. 野比大雄 says:


  16. I wanna see this with 2 plugs done on one of your babes bad

  17. Love it! Just missing some handcuffes behind and some feetcuffs over the boots and a 48hrs contract :P

  18. Razorback says:

    Since I’ve discovered this site, I’ve been thinking about signing in. The “plugged” series have been the trigger. :-)
    If Natalia uses to hate being belted, maybe she could change her mind after such a little experiment. BTW I’m dreaming about some kind of plugged deal involving her. Maybe just a couple of hours to begin with? Or even an outdoors shooting? Why not both? Let’s get crazy. ;-)
    Anyway, who wouldn’t enjoy to watch our favorite spoiled princess being both frustrated and tormented by that special belt on a next video? Her reactions are priceless. It’s always a pleasure to “tame” her *evil grin*.

  19. calamone says:

    That enjoy me a lot

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