chastity belt 

In the morning, Ella was pretty quick to realize she was still locked in metal. The collar was the hardest, she said. She could only stay in one position. I don’t think she got much sleep. But that’s no problem in a 24 hour Chastity Deal!
Ella got up out of bed and asked me to remove her chastity belt. I was a bit confused. She had just signed a contract. It turns out a professional ballerina needs to stretch very often, especially in the morning. I told her the belt wasn’t going to come off, not even for her stretching exercises. Ella thought for a moment, and then decided to try her stretching anyway. It went pretty well, she could stretch her legs and back, which is the most important. And she could walk on her toes (still wearing the ballet shoes as I requested for 24 hours).
I have never seen anyone as graceful and strong as Ella. Her legs, her muscles, her flexibility, she is just stunning! The way she walks through the house on her toes, it was just so awesome to see. If I could legally keep Ella, I would! She is just the perfect submissive!

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  1. Matthew meuleman says:

    she needs chastity shoes that keep her feet like that all the time

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