chastity belt 

Almost half way into her 48-hour Chastity Deal, Rosie Mot wasn’t as positive anymore. She was incredibly tired, yawning all over the place, moving slowly, and becoming more and more annoyed. The lack of sleep didn’t do her much good. She was irritable, and also bored.
Rosie tried putting on some panythose to keep warm, because she wanted to go outside to feed the ducks. But there were no ducks, which was annoying her even more. Falling asleep everywhere in the house, Rosie kept waking up whenever I approached her with my camera. I was afraid she was going to hit me, when you are really cranky and someone is in your face with a camera all the time, it can really get to you.
To make things even worse, I still hadn’t given her any of the extra Challenges that were in her contract. So I went up to her with a pair of hinged handcuffs and told her to put them on. Rosie was half asleep, but she did as she was told. Only later she realized this was going to make her life even harder, and we got a whole scene of her making a grilled cheese sandwich in a very awkward way. I think Rosie is hilarious. Her non-stop comments are so funny!! She will never ever give up because she is too stubborn, and I loved having her around the house for 48 hours with her torpedo tits on full display. Yes, it’s not a bad life if you are hosting Chastity Deals, you should try it!!

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