So I guess you are all wondering what is happening with the Donna project. I will give a status update and answer your questions from the previous news post.

– The belt is here, it was custom made, not by any of the ‘big brands’, but the quality and ‘feel’ is amazing. Solid rigidstyle and ergonomic waistband, slightly adjustable (just in case), with D-rings on the sides. High quality finish and pink (yes pink!!!) neoprene lining. I will not show it yet, because many of you want to see Donna’s first reaction to the belt. Members can of course email me to get a picture of the belt.
– Donna is not here yet. She will come over to stay in Amsterdam for the whole of the month May, and maybe a bit longer. She will be belted for 30 days straight.

30 days may sound like a long time, especially to Donna, but we are a little worried it will be over too soon. So we would love to start receiving member suggestions already, so we can prepare to make the most of the 30 day period. What should definitely be filmed? Any challenges for Donna?
We are working on the technical aspects of hosting long videos and getting Donna her own blog or news category on this site, so she can write about her experiences.

We hope it will be a great experience for everyone: the members, ourselves, and especially Donna. If it is a success we will offer this deal to other girls who want to visit our beautiful city, a visit to Sin City without the sin ;-)
Donna told us she is looking forward to her visit, and even though she is still a little apprehensive about the belting, we are sure she will do great!

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  1. Keep her in shackles on her ankles the entire time

  2. While I also love seeing someone locked in shackles, I don’t think that this is the site for it. The benefits of a chastity belt is that you can do whatever you want during the day and still be securely locked up.

  3. I think that each week you should add one piece of restraints start with wrists. Then ankles, thighs, waist and then finaly bra.

  4. roadie12 says:

    if it was custom made,it better be secure

  5. I think she should be collared – preferably all the time but at least in periodes – go out in the city flashing her collar – and a litlle bit of the belt.

  6. keeping on the edge but not able to go over… maybe put vibe on her for a little then take it away… or plugs while night out around town.

  7. Has Donna signed any contract with you?
    Has she agree to any vicious idea written on this page?

  8. At first: thank you for the picture of the belt!
    Did she agree the be belted 24/7 for 1 month or are there times out (cleaning or even nights)?

  9. young_engr says:

    Are all the pervs out there able to read?

    Donna, I want to see you have fun do what you want to in the city.

  10. It’s soon May now, so hopefully Donna will be arriving soon. Hope you’ll have a great time in Amsterdam Donna!

    Wear the belt, but don’t forget to have fun doing it :)

  11. Not chains, but tighs bands would be great.. a hot bath with restrictive tigh bands is very sexy….

  12. Reading the main page of the site, she has succeeded wearing the belt 30 days.
    Has she won the belt, and its keys, for her own usage alone?

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