Donna signed!

Fantastic news today: Donna signed her ‘letter of intent’ for 30 days in chastity! She was measured at our studio, where she signed this preliminary contract. This 19-year old Italian girl will come to stay with us in Amsterdam for 30 days, in exchange for being locked in her own custom made chastity belt! She will have free food, accomodation, internet, and she can go out whenever she wants.
Donna will in turn allow us to be photographed and filmed whenever we want. She will get supervised (very short) cleaning breaks whenever needed. Members can impose extra chastity punishments or reward her for good behavior. It will be a great addition to our site, and Donna will have a nice free stay in the city, some money and she gets to keep her chastity belt.

When we asked Donna for any special wishes, she insisted on getting a PINK chastity belt. Oh well :) We have placed the order (rigid rear style, top brand heavy stainless steel pink belt, with side D-rings and lockable secondary shield) and we can’t wait for it to arrive! We will keep you posted!

Members can download the contract signing / measuring pictures as a bonus update :-)
(please note, this is not an official Friday update, just a bonus set of 77 pictures)

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  1. My-steel?

    • Would be nice. I like their design. But I think they are on the very costly side if I am not mistaken…

      Hint for yes: The Pink version. Don’t know if others offer that.

      Hint for no: Do they have secondary shields? I am not sure.

      “Ridgid style” sounds promising: I prefer them to cable or chain veersions.

      Looking forward to future updates! Both thumbs up for Donna!

  2. now THIS! Is a great update. What is the turn around for the belt manufacturing? Also, when will Donna be coming to stay? This is what I have been waiting for to join :)

  3. Could we see a copy of the contract?

  4. Good girl!
    Pink is a good choice but I hope someone else took the measurements, so it will be just right. D-rings makes the belt much more interesting …

  5. Nice watch! Every model on this site has to wear a watch, would be great.

    • Unknownthing268 says:

      I’d love to know what make Donna’s watch is, but yes, it would be lovely to see them all wear one, preferably G-shocks or the one Donna is wearing here

  6. Congratulations Donna. Hope you get a belt that fits you really well and that you will enjoy wearing the belt.

  7. Sono felice che Donna abbia torvato come rimanere ad Amsterdam gratis e sono certo che sarà per lei un’esperienza stupenda, in tutti i sensi.

    For the translation, I’m sure Donna will be happy to tell you what I wrote.

  8. roadie12 says:

    an update worthy of the chasitybabes website

  9. roadie12 says:

    she looks like she might enjoy doing a shoot in her chastity belt and aschool girl uniform

  10. Michael says:

    Has Donna been belted yet?

  11. I would join today chastitybabes, if we (not members)could know more of what is happening with donna.

    – As suggested ideas (as requested)
    — Why not adding love balls ( also called smart balls) for a day.
    — Some forced exercice, suche as a bike run/footing outside each morning.
    — go to see a doctor, for a classical check up
    — what about, 30 minutes of sun, to have a nice tan with the chastity belt on (or a tan salon if no sun)
    — wear tight jeans or leggings.
    — to add some constrains, she could wear a full cup bra, with one cup size smaller, or a corset.
    — for punishment, maybe a mouthsoaping, or a inner plug fixed to the chastity belt
    — she should go for a date and tease a men until he discovers the belt.
    — an egg remote vibrator
    — Each morning have a 10 minutes tease and denial, game.

    Hope she and we could have fun.

  12. We are ansious….. We want Donna!!!! :)

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