chastity belt 

Ok, she earned her reward I think. Walking around for a long time with a plug inside her belt, even running on the treadmill. Lady Lyne was dripping so hard, she was leaving a trail in the studio!
But of course, I didn’t give it to her right away. I left her alone for a while, and she tried to play with herself, getting even more frustrated. Eventually, I came in with the fucking machine, and Lady Lyne loved my suprise!! Her eyes went wide and she immediately started playing with the dildo, sucking it and spitting on it to get it wet. But then she realized she was still belted. And I left her again.
After (what seemed to Lyne as) an eternity, I came back and finally gave her the key to her belt. By that time, she was almost exploding from horniness. She took off the belt, and the dripping plug slid right out of her. She wasted no time in getting on all fours, letting the machine fuck her from behind. She reached the most powerful orgasm in her life! Wow, that was intense! I think I should try and get her in a longer plugged Deal. That would be spectacular!!

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  1. Matthew meuleman says:

    make her your life slave

  2. Matthew meuleman says:

    she should be a life time slave

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